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Walker serves flapjacks for the family while Liam recalls how consumed he was when he didn't think Carlos Mendoza was guilty of Emily's murder. He's telling Micki, admitting that he won't go back to the ranch, putting his family in jeopardy.

She thinks they need to know, but for now, she wants him to help her connect the last dots she wasn't able to on her own.

Forensics on the bomb came back, matching the group they were tracking in Mexico. Micki says that Walker needs to know that Emily's killer is still out there and targeting his brother and his captain.

Stella and Auggie are getting ready for a school dance. Trevor is getting out of his car to visit his dad in prison, wearing a tie. Did he get ready early?

Trevor's dad barters for flowers Trevor to take to Stella. He hopes that he's getting nice and close to Stella. Trevor says that Stella's mother died, too. Just then, Emily is in Waker's mind, chastising him for picking dandelions as part of the little bouquet he plucked for their girl.

Trevor arrives, and Abeline springs to action with the camera.

Walker is misty-eyed watching Stella leave, wishing Emily had been there for it.

Liam calls, asking if he's OK and wants to grab a beer tomorrow. Walker wants to go tonight, but Liam won't budge. he's working on a case. Micki texted asking if he wanted to drop by for Pizza, and he calls for pizza and leaves the house.

Liam hears there's a tornado coming. Bret arrives, wondering if they can grab some dinner and air things out. Literally, because the place stinks. He wants to take care of Liam.

Trey and Micki are setting up game night. She doesn't want to talk about her mom, she says. She still hasn't told Trey what happened.

Tornado warning near the school dance. Pizza in hand, it's time to go.

Dad arrives at the school with the pizzas ready to check the generator.

Liam and Bret get into the elevator, and Bret wants to talk about it. Liam's being weird, he thinks, and when the electricity goes out, Liam panics.

The Walkers are at the feed store getting dueling calls from the boys. Walker wants Bonham to grab a few things. Bonham doesn't like whoever is behind the register. Abeline walks in making things tenser. She doubles back and tells the guy it wasn't how she wanted it to happen. He's the guy Abeline was having an affair with. Bonham says he's just trying to cure the crisis.

Walker awkwardly chats with a woman at the snack table.

Walker, Micki, and Trey leave to check on Ruby's grandfather.

Micki teases Walker about his awkward snack table behavior, and he admits it's been a while. He almost felt something back there, too.

He asks why she hasn't told Trey yet, and she has a viable answer.

After Liam climbs down from the walls of the elevator, he tells Bret something happened last week. He says he hooked up with a bartender. Bret doesn't believe him. But Liam continues saying it. He's pushing Bret away, but before they can work it out, Bonham and Abeline show up.

Stella wishes he would talk about his parents more. He avoids the subject by looking at her necklace.

There's an electrical pole down and they immediately call for Mr. Colfield. And he's there. Why?

Micki has a panic attack when she almost steps in water touched by a live wire. Walker talks her out of it.

The tornado is coming, but they need to move Mr. Colfield. Micki dropped the magnet by the powerline. Walker goes to retrieve it, carefully avoiding the water only to get taken out by a large tree. Micki saves him.

The man is breathing again with a magnet on his chest.

Abeline doesn't believe that Liam strayed. Bonham isn't sure what to believe. Bonham says that love is a verb, something you do actively. Liam says he's sacrificing a lot, it just looks different.

Trevor created a storm shelter slash maze out of gym mats.

Trevor's prison visitor pass has the name Clint West on it. Stella freaks and runs.

Walker talks Micki into telling Trey about her mother, and it might be too late. She says both that it's too much and nothing and Trey wonders how they laid under mylar blankets wondering if drones would kill them, but she can't trust him with this.

Before she can be held accountable, they run across another person in distress.

This time, Trey falls to the ground. He's pretty sure he has a concussion. He wants to know about Adriana. He's not into keeping secrets to protect him. She says she did it for her. She wanted to pretend it wasn't part of her story. He says that he's a part of her story only if she wants him to be, and he has some things to say when they get back.

Walker gets that lady's digits.

Bret tells Liam he can't control everything, not even the breakup. This story is nerve-wracking.

Bonham and Abeline dance.

Stella confronts Trevor. He never knew he could love someone, let alone someone like her. He'd never ruin it.

Trevor wants to hold Micki responsible for the present. Keeping him in the dark isn't OK. She promises to let him in before trying to make everything neat and easy to explain.



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