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Emily's death is revisited from the perspective of finding her body and making the official ID. Geri and James were both on hand watching Walker suffer over the ID and swearing he wouldn't sleep until her killer was dead.

Abeline has no idea what to say to Walker in light of the news about Emily's killer. Bonham seems like he'll support Walker in any way.

Walker reveals to the family that Carlos Mendoza is innocent, much to their surprise. Stella is worried he'll be in danger, and August is worried they're all in danger.

Capt. James hopes to get their old partnership going again, setting right the wrong he did by not believing Walker.

The first person who arrives at the poker game is Geri, and that's when Walker hears that the money was funneled through her company.

Geri says that she took a bad loan and is there to pay back MSM, that's it. Geri and Walker get into it in the middle of the parking lot, which can't possibly be good for their investigation.

Liam is beating the crap out of something Bonham built for his wedding. I thought it was a lounge chair. They're sitting outside, but Bonham says it's 14 degrees. I'm confused if they're talking about the past or present.

Someone starts playing the piano, which Abeline says isn't a good sign.

Walker and James have Geri locked in the van, hoping to use her to infiltrate the game. Geri demands to go in, and she won't take no for an answer.

They pretty much catch Emily's killed in one shot, if a loudmouth guy's words mean anything.

Trevor has ghosted Stella, and she and August are fighting about it. Stella spills to Mickey who decides to take them shooting.

Geri sizes up the joint but becomes paralyzed with fear about where she is and the possibilities. Walker sees it and tells Geri to bail if she's afraid. When he supports her, she gets her cajones back.

Under the guise of anger that she's not allowed to sell her bar, she gets wise and they find the wire.

They're spouting rules, which is very NCIS of Walker and James. Their partnership is weird.

They infiltrate and get nothing usable about Emily's death.

After installing a Google Nest for Abeline and Bonham, Abeline steps in and decides they need to talk.

Stella is a great shot.

August wants Walker to kill Emily's killer. Stella is just unhappy to dredge it up again. Things were almost normal, and now they're back in the thick of it again.

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Walker Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

It feels like you're going hunting. And we're going to let you?


Captain James: If Rule 14 is enacted, maybe Rule 17 should be, too.
Walker: I know you always had my back.
Captain James: But?
Walker: But a lot has happened since we wrote down the rules on a bar napkin.