Wanda - WandaVision Season 1 Episode 3
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Now in the '70s, Dr. Nielson confirms that Wanda is pregnant and is four months along.

Vision sees the doctor out, and when he returns, Wanda's belly has gotten bigger. They figure out that she is now six months along, and with the rate her pregnancy is going, she will give birth in three days.

They start preparing for the baby.

Wanda has Braxton Hicks contractions, and she loses control of her powers.

Vision starts to suspect that something is wrong, and Wanda rewinds the tape.

Wanda starts having real contractions.

A commercial for a luxury bath powder, Hydra Soak, is shown.

Vision leaves to find the doctor.

Geraldine stops by to borrow a bucket when a stork appears. She realizes Wanda is pregnant and that the baby is coming.

Vision gets Dr. Nielson and super speeds back to the house.

Geraldine delivers the baby, a boy, and Vision arrives right after. They name him Tommy.

Not realizing it is twins, Wanda delivers another baby, Billy.

Vision finds Herb and Agnes gossiping about Geraldine.

Wanda gets suspicious of Geraldine when she mentions that Ultron killed Pietro. She throws her out of Westview and into the real world.

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WandaVision Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Dr. Nielson: Yep! Definitely pregnant.
Wanda: Well, that much we figured.
Vision: It's just kinda taken us by surprise. It's just kinda suddenly. Quite suddenly, wasn't it? I mean, practically overnight. I mean...how did this happen?
Dr. Nielson: You see, when a man and a woman love each other very much...

I can't wait to be a proud papaya.