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Tonight’s episode opened on a fashion show in Milan. As models went down the runway an elderly woman came in mumbling something in Russian and then collapsed dead. Myka and Pete arrived and found that the woman was actually a nineteen year old model who somehow aged to an old woman.

Artie and Claudia did some research and found a trend of fashion models going missing and an elderly “Jane Doe” being found in the same city right afterwards. Myka and Pete headed off to New York for fashion week there and as they checked in with the modeling agency one of the models collapsed in Pete’s arms and aged at least fifty years right before his eyes.

Pete came up with the idea of having Myka go undercover as a model and him posing as her personal assistant. Pete and Myka used this cover to investigate behind the scene of fashion week, but did have any good leads. During the final runway show Myka noticed an older woman sitting the audience who was staring at her strangely. When Pete and Myka went to talk to her she was gone. A short time later Myka suddenly aged. Artie and Claudia fly in to New York and Claudia hacked into the fashion show security system and found that one of the photographers had used an old fashioned camera to take Myka’s picture and left without taking any other pictures.

Pete, Artie, and Claudia found the photographer and he explained how the camera actually transferred the youth to another person. The photographer got away after blowing up some photo chemicals. Back at Myka’s hospital room Pete and Claudia figured out that the photographer had a crush on another one of the models. When Pete found the other model the photographer was talking to her. After a small fight between Pete and the photographer Artie walked in and used the camera on him, restoring Myka to her normal self and the photographer to his normal age as well.

Warehouse 13
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Warehouse 13 Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Pete: Best assignment ever.
Myka: Try not to be 12 years old.

Pete: Where did you learn to handle a sword like that?
Myka: Some girls play with Barbies, and some take fencing lessons.