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The season premiere of Warehouse 13 picked up directly after the explosion that rocked the warehouse in the season finale of season one.  Myka and Pete raced down to debris from the explosion and found no sign of Artie. After a few moments Artie appeared from the air and ash. After the three of them figured out Artie used The Phoenix to survive the explosion they found that Mrs. Frederic’s driver died due to the use and crashed her car into the building.

Artie went to Switzerland to find Claudia while Myka and Pete reviewed what MacPherson had done in the warehouse and found he had freed H.G Well. Myka and Pete went to London to track down H.G. Wells when Pete got a vibe about a break in to the H.G Wells house that happened recently.  Pete and Myka find H.G. Wells at the house and were shocked to find out that H.G. Wells was actually a woman.

H.G Wells got away from Myka and Pete along with a vest she invented.

Artie found Claudia while she was heading to see her brother. He convinced her that he believed in her and he knew that she had not betrayed the team.  Artie and Claudia got to her brother just as MacPherson disguised as his boss walked out of the office with him. Claudia removed the thimble that was disguising MacPherson, which caused a large commotion and in that commotion, MacPherson escaped.

Mrs. Frederic woke up in the hospital after her accident and knew who the traitor was. She figured out that Leena was being mind controlled by an artifact and was able to remove it from her.  Meanwhile, MacPherson and H.G. Wells made it to the Escher vault where H.G Wells uses the vest she invented to navigate the vault. Artie and Claudia along with Pete and Myka caught up to MacPherson and capture him just as H.G. Wells came out of the vault and removed the crystals that were protecting him. MacPherson died in Artie’s arms and H.G. Wells got away again.

Mrs. Frederic and Artie went back into the Escher vault and found she had taken a pendant, a locket, and a compact.  Back at Leena’s, Claudia and Leena debated who was more violated by MacPherson’s actions. Artie gives Claudia her own Faraday communicator to help ease her mind and show she is now fully part of the team.

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Warehouse 13 Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Myka: Pete, Artie says that H.G Wells is actually........
Pete: (With a gun at his neck) A woman, a really hot woman, maybe good with a gun.
Myka: He left out the gun part.

Myka: So do all your dates work out this way?
Pete: On a scale of 1 to 10 I am giving this one a 7.