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Tonight’s episode opened with Pete and Myka’s old boss Agent Dickenson being killed by someone wielding a chain. The person then printed out information on Artie, Myka, and Pete. Artie, Myka, and Pete went to Washington D.C. and found that an artifact that Artie had traded to the Russians back in the 70s was used to kill him.

After the funeral for Dickenson, Myka decided to take a walk and H.G. Wells found her. Wells explained to Myka that she had been bronzed because she had broken the rules at Warehouse 12 and cost the life of a fellow agent. Myka said she would talk to Artie. Artie talked to an old colleague from the NSA name Joe Sweetwood. 

Back at Lena’s Claudia was tricked into seeing Todd by Lena. Just as they started to make up, Todd got a text and had to run out. Claudia decided she wanted to follow him. At the NSA office, Artie’s friend Agent Sweetwood was killed by freezing to death. Artie explained that a piece of the Titanic was an artifact that could freeze someone to death. Pete found an image of H.G. Wells coming into the building and Myka explained she had spoken to her earlier.

Artie, Myka, and Pete went to the hotel where Wells was staying and found her room empty and the phone ringing. Wells was on the phone and after Artie agreed to information trade, she told them where to find an item left by the killer. The item told Artie he needed to go see his old contact in Moscow. In Moscow Myka, Pete, and Artie go to his old safe house where Artie was kidnapped.

Back at the Warehouse Claudia started digging into Todd’s background and found that all his info was entered on the same day six months ago right before he moved to Univille. She called him and setup a meeting in the park. In Moscow Myka and Pete found that Wells had been following them and Myka asked her to help them find Artie.

Claudia met Todd in the park and confronted him about trying to get into the warehouse, he conversely ask if she works for a mobster named Conte’ he is hiding from. After a moment they figured out that he was in the witness protection program and really a techie geek. At that, Claudia and Todd make up and start kissing.

Artie awoke to find that the son of his old contact Ivan had him held prisoner and wanted to torture him and watch him die because his father had been sent to prison when Artie turned himself in years ago. Wells found Artie first and attempted to free him but Ivan used the piece from the Titanic on her and she was curled up freezing to death.

Myka and Pete finally got through a gate that had been blocking their way. Wells was able to shoot one of the chains that were holding Artie and he got loose and handed her the board to remove the freezing affect. Just as Ivan was going to use the chain on Artie, Pete used a Tesla on him and he dropped unconscious.

Back at the Warehouse, Todd and Claudia got to say their goodbyes as Todd was being moved to a new location. Meanwhile H.G. Wells was reinstated by the head Regent, Kosan. Artie disagreed and stormed out of the office saying she was going to be the death of them all.

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Warehouse 13 Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Lena: Men are generally out of touch with their feelings. Look at Pete and Artie.
Claudia: Those are my choices?

I can do black, I can do white, not so good with grey.