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Sally Stukowski is hunting the Regents, the protectors of the Warehouses.

Pete and Claudia head after Stukowski’s accomplice who has a Berlin Wall Artifact that eats away at anything in its path.

Artie and Myka are inside a skyscraper that’s being eaten away by the Berlin Wall Artifact while trying to protect the Warehouse Regents.

Artie, Pete, and Claudia are able to neutralize the Artifact’s effects, saving Myka and one of the remaining Regents, Jane.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Frederick and Steve interrogate Stukowski. Mrs. Frederick believes in torturing her while Steve disapproves. Steve pulls his gun out on Mrs. Frederick and Stukowski takes this opportunity to escape. Mrs. Frederick fires Steve.

The episode ends with Jane being revealed as Pete’s mother and Stukowski being murdered by one her boss’ accomplices.

Warehouse 13
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Warehouse 13 Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

That was a crappy day at the office, huh?


You know you're really not allowed to face death without me.