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Paracelsus heads to San Francisco's hospitals to cure the terminally ill. Artie and Claudia begin unraveling how Paracelsus performed the immortality spell with a little help from Sutton and Nicholas. They realize that he needs plenty of sacrifices and petrified wood to complete the process - which can be found in San Francisco. Pete and Myka find Paracelsus but are unable to stop him as he completed the ritual. Pete is able to capture him, and bring him back to the Warehouse.

Pete tells Myka to go have her surgery, but after a while of getting no answers from the hospital Pete grows increasingly frustrated. Paracelsus sees this uneasiness and manipulates Pete into getting the right artifacts for him so he can completely take over the Warehouse. Paracelsus escapes and take over the Warehouse and Claudia severs Mrs. Frederick's connection to the Warehouse to save her life. While everyone escapes Claudia tells them she needs to stay and fight Paracelsus - the warehouse will protect her.

Warehouse 13
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Warehouse 13 Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

I'll use everything on the shelf to save Myka even you.


Mrs. Frederick: Paracelsus has the Warehouse.
Steve: And he has Claudia.
Artie: How?