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Myka and Pete investigate a mysterious artifact in a gated community. After many dead ends and dead bodies Myka deduces that the salt on a woman's homemade chocolate cookies are the culprit. Attempting to avenge her husband's death and make sure his rightful place was forever enshrined in the gated community she took it upon herself to make sure the board members of the association were eliminated. Pete, being one of the people affected with the salt, is forced to confess one of his haunting memories to Myka. Back in his drinking days Pete got behind the wheel of a car and crashed it into a tree. Pete walked about, but one of his friends was in the passenger seat and broke both of his legs.


Claudia and Artie investigate a child having seizures and writing complex mathematical and programming languages on walls. Claudia takes a liking to this teenager, Nick, and invites him back to the B&B so he can get back on his feet. Nick later sends a text message to Charlotte telling her he's in.


The episode ends with Myka learning she has ovarian cancer.

Warehouse 13
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