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Artie and Claudia see that Valda is the one who's taken Claire, and puts the mind control device on Claire. Pete is suddenly nervous about being around Myka. The gang quickly follows Valda's trail, but not before he sets up a few traps for them. Valda begins putting his final plans into motion with a buyer. Artie says that Valda is going to steal the Warehouse. 

Valda is successful in finding the artifacts he needs and begins to move the artifacts in the Warehouse. They soon find that Valda is moving the Warehouse to China. Artie sends Pete, Myka, and Claudia to China to stop them Valda from relocating to the Olympic Stadium in China where the new Warehouse 14 will be located. 

Pete has an idea of how to stop Valda by transferring Claire's powers and sending him back to the other timeline. The plan works, but as Artie is putting all the pieces back together the compass is still active and ready to transfer.

Warehouse 13
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Warehouse 13 Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Myka: How many times do we have to save the world?
Pete: We should get a raise.

Good, he's grumpy. He'll be okay.