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Claudia and Steve research her sister's disappearance, and Artie lets Claudia know that he'll tell Claudia all about her in exchange for keeping an eye on Claudia. Mrs. Frederick and Myka talk about her clean bill of health and if it has reevaluated her idea of having children, but Myka says she is committed to her job. Myka says that she would have to find someone to be in love with, and Mrs. Frederick says that she should be open to all possibilities. Pete offers to be the father. 

Pete and Myka investigate a mysterious death, and run into Ted and Elise. Artie confesses that he knew about Claudia's parents' death, and that it was a warehouse case. He tells her that she's going to go into his memories and see where it all started. They travel to Claire's high school and find her under the effects of Dreyfus' Sword Hilt artifact. 

Back in Artie's memories, Claudia sees how Claire kills her parents. Claudia hopes to see things from her own memories, but her mind has blocked them out.  Artie shows Claudia that Claire's been kept in the Warehouse in a perpetual coma by artifacts so that she is not triggered again. In Claire's memories, she shows Claudia that she was not the cause of their parents' death, but rather that she destroyed the box herself. 

Pete has a serious conversation with Myka, and stumbles over his words before running away. Claudia tells Claire there's no way she's going to leave her in this state.

Warehouse 13
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