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Ethan brings Kate in front of the town for a reckoning. 

Ethan arrives at the wall and kills the abbies that have managed to enter the town through the hole caused by the truck. 

A few kids arrive at the station demanding that Ethan reckon the traitors. Arlene stands up to them and forces them to leave. 

The hole is being repaired as David Pilcher tells Ethan he needs to reckon Kate. 

Ethan questions Harold again and shows him pictures of his eaten friends. Harold finally gives Ethan names. They try to track them, but they all took out their chips. 

Amy has swelling in her brain and needs surgery. 

Theresa continues to investigate Plot 33. 

Ben is pushed by Mrs. Fisher to make a speech to the kids at the hospital regarding the attacks. 

The kids break into the station and cuff Arlene to a file cabinet. Kate tries to reason with the main kid, Jason, as he loads a shot gun and points it at them. He shoots Harold and the others, but is stopped by Ethan before he can kill Kate. 

Kate tells Ethan that he has to stop protecting her and do the reckoning because she doesn't want anyone else to die for her. 

Theresa brings Ethan and Kate to the tunnels she found and shows them a video of Adam Hassler. He went searching for survivors in the year 4020. Theresa tells them there are hundreds of these video journals from all over the country and there's nothing left. They agree that they need to show the videos to as many people as they can. 

Ethan uses the reckoning to tell everyone the truth. David cuts the power to the town, including the electric fence. 



Wayward Pines
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Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

If you could have killed the Easter bomber before he acted, would you? Don't make the same mistake twice, don't wait til it's too late. Just consider, one life to save Wayward Pines.

David Pilcher

One crack in the ark and it all goes down.