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Ethan explains to Theresa how he ended up in Wayward Pines. They agree to play along for now.

Ben gets a notice to start school at Wayward Pines Academy. 

Ethan discovers that he's the new sheriff. He finds files on all of the town's members.

Nurse Pam brings Ethan a man named Peter who has three strikes and demands a reckoning. Ethan refuses. 

Theresa goes to Kate's store and reveals that she stopped training to be an agent in order to be a mother. 

Ben meets a girl at school who offers to walk him home. He asks her about the animals outside the wall and she wonders how he knows about them. 

Peter tells Ethan the story of how he went to bed with a woman from a bar named Denise, but woke up in a different motel room with the same woman,only she was older and going by the name Pam. It's Nurse Pam. 

Mrs Fisher, the teacher, keeps asking Ben the same questions about where he lives. Ethan learns she was a hypnotherapist from her files. 

Mr. Fisher, the mayor, warns Ethan about the school shaping kids' minds.

Theresa gets a notice that a realtor job has opened up. 

Peter asks Ethan to take him to the wall. He tells him to push him so the town will trust him, but Ethan refuses. He throws himself into it and makes it look as though Ethan pushed him. He's electrocuted. 

Ethan climbs a mountain and there is a glimpse of the creatures on the other side. 




Wayward Pines
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Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Ethan darling, if you don't want to do this, I'd be happy to do it myself.

Nurse Pam

Yeah, we don't really like nosy Nellies around here.