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Ethan runs through the woods after Beverly's death. He goes to Kate's house and asks her to leave with him, but she refuses. 

Theresa and Ben make it to Idaho. They go to the local secret service office and Theresa logs in using Ethan's account. She tracks his last purchase to a gas station and when she gets there, she learns Ethan crashed near Wayward Pines. 

Adam calls Pope to warn him she's headed his way. Pope pulls her over and tampers with her car, telling her she has an oil leak.

Ethan sees a food delivery truck with Wyoming plates and tries to stow away in the back. He gets out and finds himself in a warehouse. He finds Theresa's car and Pope attacks him, stabbing him in the shoulder. He passes out. 

Ethan Wakes up to a ringing phone and is told his family has been released from the hospital. Nurse Pam tells him they're in Beverly's old house. 

Ethan finds them and they tell him they don't remember anything after Pope pulled them over. He tells them to stay in the house. 

Ethan goes to talk to Kate in the woods and Ben follows him. Ben returns home and tells Theresa he saw them together. They try to leave but Pope stops them. Ethan arrives and he and Pope fight. Ethan shoots him and takes his keys. He opens the gate and a creature takes Pope's body. Ethan shuts the gate. 

Wayward Pines
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Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Aren't you lucky that one of the best places in Wayward Pines freed up last night. Prior occupant had a sudden sore throat if you know what I mean.

Nurse Pam

Ethan: Last chance, come with me.
Kate: You'll never make it out of here alive.
Ethan: Watch me.