Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 6
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Pilcher and his men take a helicopter and shoot at the abbies. 

Jason tells Kerry he thinks they should have a baby.

Rebecca approaches Theo in the bar, but they are interrupted by activity outside. The abbies throw torches on the crops. 

The abbies attack the harvesters and Theresa is injured. 

Jason leads a group of men outside to fight the abbies and try to save the crops. Theo is brought to the hospital to help the injured. 

Theresa has a collapsed lung and Theo inserts a breathing tube. 

CJ tells them that they will all starve to death in six weeks. 

They hold a funeral for the 35 people who died in the attack. 

Theo tells Jason that they are very low on medications. 

In the past, we learn Adam tried to call off Ethan being frozen for Wayward Pines. 

Xander tells Rebecca that he wants to come back home. 

Adam goes to Theresa's bedside and apologizes for not being able to protect her. He tells her "it's okay," and as he walks away, she flat lines and dies. 

Theo finds an abnormality in the female abbie's brain. He asks Adam if they communicate, and he asks if she has a brand on her hand. 





Wayward Pines
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Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Bartender: So, what'll it be?
Theo: Well, I tried your beer, which is revolting, and the whole celery/soda thing, I don't know what that is, so, your choice.

Kerry: Are you the man born to lead?
Jason: Yes.
Kerry: Then act like it. Never let them see you doubt it, even if you do.