Tracking Down the Abbie Leader - Wayward Pines
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Theo tells Kerry she is unable to have children. 

Theo arrives back at the lab to find Megan is dead and Margaret has escaped. Jason tells them to start searching. 

Margaret runs for the woods.

Rebecca is pregnant with Xander's baby. 

Everyone is told to get off the street and stay inside. Lucy tells Frank she wants to find Rebecca. 

Margaret attacks and kills a soldier. Theo asks Adam to help him find her. 

Rebecca goes over the town's plans and points out the best vantage points. Xander offers to get binoculars. Rebecca realizes there's a hard copy of the original map in the mountain. They agree to meet at her house in an hour.

The soldiers and a couple of civilians spot Margaret and start shooting. They miss her, but two men are injured by mistake. Theo arrives and declares the civilian dead. He makes everyone put their guns down so he can treat the fallen soldier. 

The number of abbies outside the fence have tripled. 

Jason shows Kerry his makeshift nursery and she reveals that she can't have children from when she was attacked by the abbie. Jason tells her it's okay. 

Rebecca comes face to face with Margaret. Xander shoots her in the arm and she runs off. 

Adam has an opportunity to kill Margaret, but he lets her go. She escapes through a pipe and Adam follows her. 

Jason orders grenades thrown into the pipe. 

Adam makes it through the pipe. Margaret stops the abbies from attacking him. 

As the other abbies care for Margaret, she remembers Pilcher's initial attack on them. 

Wayward Pines
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Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Arlene: I watch birds. Binoculars, I have a pair at home. I use them to watch birds. I mean there aren't a lot of birds, but I do like to watch them. I mean, it's not like I use them to watch my neighbors.
Xander: I'll go get the binoculars.
Arlene: They're in my bedroom.

Adam: So what do you say doc, we bag this trophy, have a little victory dance on Main Street?
Theo: She's not a trophy.
Adam: You better hope she is.