The episode opens with Cesar following Nancy, including to her mani / pedi she's getting.  Nancy manages to ditch Cesar while he's distracted getting a pedicure and heads to visit Guillermo in prison.  While there, Nancy finds out that she's just Esteban's whore and is going to be killed after she delviers the baby.  After getting drunk at a sushi restaurant (violating two pregnancy rules), she shows up at Esteban's.  Esteban gets angry at her for not taking care of his unborn child and she's says it's the stress that's gonna kill the baby.  Esteban assets his dominance with Nancy on the desk.

Andy and Shane, meanwhile, are crashing on Jill's couch.  After Jill's husband heads to work, Andy and Jill get drunk and share their complaints about how underappreciated they are.  They send Shane away and end up sleeping together.  Shane, from outside, takes a picture of them.

Silas and Doug head into the national forest to try and find a new spot to grow their weed.  While out there, they run into some mercenaries who have already claimed the spot to grow their weed.  The guys steal Silas' strand and send them away, alive.

Cecilia is still staying with Quinn's ex-boyfriend, despite him trying to send her away.  She organizes his rebel base for him and begs him to let her stay.  She has no friends back home and doesn't want to return.

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Weeds Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Nancy: You're religious?
Cesar: Selectively
Nancy: Right, the whole thou shalt not kill thing probably isn't work out that well for you, huh?
Cesar: and I support gay marriage

Nancy: If something happens to me, you'll take care of this for Silas and Shane
Dean: If something happens? Where you going, skydiving?
Nancy: None of your business. Just make sure it all gets taken care of. I'm counting on you
Dean: Out of curiousity and of coruse self image, why me?
Nancy: Cause I trust you. Cause you're a parent. Cause you're the only person i could find on such short notice