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This wasn't the most eventful episode of Weeds this season. But there were some great lines by Andy.

First, let's deal with the Shane situation: inspired by his Mexian bodyguard, the young pot dealer goes to get his pot back from the teacher that stole it. He's accompanied by Isabelle and the Mexican guy, as the trio takes a gun - and major vengeance - to the teacher's house.

Shane scares the heck out of the teacher and gets his marijuana back. (He also steals some other stuff, as payback, but Nancy later makes him bring those items back.)

Meanwhile, Celia has established a home for herself in Nancy's garage. She's even blackmailing her former BFF with photos of a dead Succio (found in the freezer) in order to maintain residence there.

As for Doug and Silas: they work with a pot agent to get some growing supplies, while also work to paint and improve their store. The pair end up in a heated argument, though, as Doug isn't proving to be the best business partner in the world. Shocking, we know.

After one insult that crosses the line, Silas actually punches Doug... only to quickly apologize and the two to hug it out. They have an unusual, hilarious father/son dynamit going on here.

Now, on to Nancy and the main plot: To start the episode, she tells her doctor (Alanis Morisette) that she's considering an abortion. Then, following the Shane debacle, she realizes just how low her life has fallen. How will she dig her way out of it?

Andy suggests they run away, using the $186,000 he finally received after pretending to be Judah and have doggy style sex with the weird bank lady on the beach (yes, you read all that correctly). While Nancy at first seems open to the suggestion, she then throws Doug a nasty curveball: the episode concludes with Andy reading a note from Nancy, which pretty much says she's sorry, but she's moving in with Esteban. We then see Nancy and Shane, carrying suitcases, entering Esteban's home.

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Weeds Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Your kid has a one in five chance of being Autistic - and I don't mean the cool kind of Autistic.


We used to call [getting an abortion] "going to Van Nuys." Probably because the clinic was located in Van Nuys.