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The Botwin's are still  on the run. Silas decides that he really isn't the one they are targeting, but makes the decision to stay.

Nancy realizes that they can't use their credit cards anymore, so they max them out and flea to Canada. When they get to the boarder, they get stopped because they don't have the baby's certificate.

Andy realizes that the must all get off the grid – they ditch everything they own and become the Newman's Randy, Nathalie, Mike, Sean and Avi.

At a local restaurant they get the name of the China man – a local fake ID maker. He ends up being a suburban Caucasian boy.

After a Jewish ceremony for the burning of their old identities and creation of their new ones – they are off back on the run.

The episode ends with Esteban getting interviewed with the United States Special Agents regarding Pilar's death. He tells them that he has no idea who killed Pilar and that his wife, Nancy, would be back from vacation that night.  Once he leaves the investigation, it is on – everyone is looking for Nancy, but who will find her first?

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Weeds Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Did she scream? Was there blood?


(to Nancy) What's the destination boss?