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Nancy walks into the reporters hotel room and Guillermo knocks her out unconscious. She wakes up in the trunk next to the reporter who’s dead.  

Nancy tries to talk sense into Esteban, but he doesn’t hear her. She gets smacked around because all he wants is his son.

Andy and Shane say good-bye to Silas who decides to stay with his biological father.  When they get to the airport, they are able to barely get through, but Nancy is no where to be found.

When Nancy gets to the airport, she calls Andy and tells him that plan C is ready to go.  Andy, Warren, and Shane board the plane. Shane realizes that Nancy isn’t going and tries to get off to go to her, but Andy stops him.

Nancy turns to see Esteban, Guillermo  coming and they have Silas. Nancy tells Silas to go on the plane.  She hands Stevie over to Esteban. Silas says farewell to his mom and boards the plane.

On their way out of the airport, Guillermo tells Nancy that he’s going to take much please in killing her. When they walk out of the airport, they are surrounded by FBI agents that arrest her for the murder of Pillar, which was her plan C.

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Weeds Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

(to Shane) Please please. Choose to not be a dick.


Hola mi amor. Guillermo.