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Somewhere in Colorado Silas and Andy are trying to buy the trimmings from a drug dealer.  Stevie’s poop is a weird green color so Nancy wants to take him to see the pediatrician.

Shane and Silas get to a fest to sell drugs. They think it will be a jam fest, but ends up being a childrens concert. This works for their favor because the parents want to buy drugs.  Shane tells Silas that he wants to f-off, drink and eat concert food and Silas agrees it might be a good idea.

Nancy and Andy are at the doctor’s office when they talk about their situation and Stevie. Nancy refuses to answer his questions. A picture of her comes on the screen as a missing person.  Andy writes down the number.

Nancy finally realizes that she’s not being a good mom to Stevie.  She calls the number and realizes that it’s the FBI.  It cuts to the FBI headquarters where they are having a huge investigation centering around Pilar’s death.

Silas pretends that Shane lost the money and makes him do crazy things like steal gas from someone’s tank. When they get back to the car, they give Nancy the cash. She tells them that they have one more stop to make until they go to their final place - Copenhagen.

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Weeds Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Shane: What happened to your arm?
Doug: I dropped my keys in a porto potty. There was a raccoon in there. I punched it out.

Nancy: What's that smell?
Shane: Stevie.
Nancy: Ugh. Go change him.
Shane: I always change him.
Nancy: No, I sometimes do, don't I?
Shane: Do you even know what size diapers he wears?