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Nancy sells all the concoction to the guy at the club.  He gives her a number to a guy who can get her the passports.

Silas goes to visit Lars and tells him that his mom is Nancy Price. After a couple beers and talking, Silas admits to Lars that he thinks that he’s his son.

When Nancy gets back to Mr. Schiff’s place, she asks him who Ellis Tate is. He tells her that Ellis was a fat girl in his math class. Nancy goes to her old high school to research Ellis Tate.  

Nancy runs into an old high school alumni named Patricia who she called a prude in high school.  The woman needless to say turns into a slut because of it, which ultimately fails her at life.

Nancy finds a picture of Ellis which confirms that she is a woman, not a man. Outside the library she calls the fake Ellis to set up a date.

Andy goes to meet with the source to get the passports.  The man makes an arrangement to get him his passports as long as he kills the club owner.

Shane talks to Warren about his mom and Warren comes to the realization that Nancy is not staying. Under the influence of the magic drink, he goes a bit zany.

Andy goes to the club and tells the owner that he was asked to kill him because his fiancé father does not want him to marry his daughter. Andy wants to work with this guy to both gain something.  

Nancy gets to the hotel room and sprays the fake Ellis with mace. She finds out that he’s a reporter following her to write her story.  She agrees to speak and tell her side of the story if he agrees to hold up his side of the bargain.

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Weeds Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

The trouble is all behind us.


Nancy: Why do you do that whole sexist thing? That whole oppression thing?
Club owner: Because you scare the sh*t out of us.