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Nancy was in for a couple surprises this week:

First, the halfway house owner sent her on a job hunt at a lamp repair store. Naturally, she blew it because she was so nervous the man in charge there would open her suitcase full of weapons.

Second, she saw her family in the lobby and bolted out the door. Silas mae eye contact with her before she departed.

Away from her family and the lamp store, Nancy took Zoya's suitcase to her brother. They negotiated, she got high and opened up about her guilt to him and they ended up making a deal: she'd sell pot for him in exchange for giving him the grenades. The sort of deal only Nancy could make.

During this time, Doug met up with an old friend who was very excited to see him and appeared to have an opportunity for him. Silas also may have talked a woman into giving him a chance as a model.

Finally, Andy and Shane were traumatized by a video they watched of what happens to inmates. They then met up with a high, frantic Nancy. The head of the halfway house quickly interrupted and took her away for a drug test.

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