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Andy attempts to play the role mediator between Nancy and Silas this week, while Shane does his best to regain the trust of Det. Ouellette.

Elsewhere, Doug hopes to throw the Securities and Exchange Commission off the scent of his hedge-fund scandal.

Dean and Heylia also make a return, as Demetri has them car-jacked and their MILF stolen in order to teach Silas a lesson. He responds by calling Jill in to town and, seemingly, threatening Nancy's custody case.

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Weeds Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

Shane: Ask me why I'm like a musician.
Nancy: Why are you like a musician?
Shane: Because I'm playing that detective like a fiddle!

Let him back into your life or I'll come to one of your faggoty track meets and take a bat to your kneecaps.