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The pilot of Weird Loners opens with an anthropological montage that shows us the romantic futures of fourth-grade classes, all paired up except for the one "weird loner" in each classroom.

Caryn Goldfarb, 37, wants the fairytale romance and refuses to settle for less. The pilot sees her returning from a singles cruise after dodging the proposal of stable dermatologist Howard. 

Stosh Lewandowski, 36, is a womanizing sales executive with a penchant for hooking up with other people's girlfriends. He is fired from his job for sleeping with his boss' fiancee and when they strip him of his company condo, he is also homeless.

Zara Sandhu, 33, is a free-spirited artist with commitment issues. She detaches from romantic entanglements with ease, leaving a trail of bewildered partners behind. 

Eric Lewandowski, 34, has never left home. He lives in his childhood townhouse with his father, until the elder Lewandowski dies during a Mets game. 

The four weird loners are gradually thrown together. Eric is reunited with his cousin Stosh at his father's funeral. Stosh, needing a place to live, takes advantage of Eric's situation by offering to come stay with him for awhile. Stosh instructs Eric to buy some new art for the house and in the process he meets Zara. 

Meanwhile, Caryn decides to accept Howard's proposal and plans an engagement dinner to celebrate. When her cooking attempt sets off the smoke alarm, Stosh comes to her rescue.  There is an unhealthy attraction between them immediately. After all, she is a sucker for drama and he has a weakness for unavailable women. 

As he begins to put the moves on her, Howard shows up. They tell Howard that they are in a book club and this book club has planned a surprise engagement party. Eric and Zara reluctantly join the group dinner. 

After his thinly veiled innuendos hit a nerve, Caryn confronts Stosh. She tells him it's time she settle for the stability Howard is offering her, but even she doesn't believe the words she is saying.

She breaks it off with Howard and heads out for a solo walk. The rest of the group follows, and the foursome ends up on a bench watching an outdoor wedding ceremony. Eric, claiming he can read lips, starts to provide an inaccurate and humorous translation of the vows.

The rest of the group take turns doing the voices, adding their own cynical commentary. In the end, they crash the wedding and bond in the process. Caryn invites Zara to move in, securing the group dynamic that will play out in upcoming episodes. 



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Weird Loners Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I got the same sex drive as everyone else. I just don't have the drive to do all that other horse...


Caryn: You were always terrified of intimacy, weren't you? I could see it in your eyes the very first day we met.
Marty: Which was Wednesday.