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Stosh has taken up residence in Eric’s father’s bedroom, so it only makes sense that Eric keep up his old rituals, which include watching him sleep and singing to him in the shower. After joining him on a Polish song, Stosh sends Eric to get him a coffee.

Meanwhile, Caryn interrupts Zara, who is blessing her new bedroom with a Buddhist prayer. Caryn plops down and attempts to irreverently join in, until a phone call from her Nana interrupts her efforts.

Nana heard from Caryn’s mother that she is getting married. Caryn forgot to tell her mother that she broke off her engagement the night before.

Stosh is trying to escape from a scorned woman who is waiting on his stoop wielding a cross-bow. To elude her he uses the attic to enter Caryn’s side of the townhouse wearing only a towel.

Caryn is trying to make a reservation for a flight to Florida to see her Nana and tell her in person that she is not getting married. She questions whether it may be easier to marry Howard, which finds her interrupting him at his office in the middle of an appointment.

She tells him she wants him to accompany her to Florida, but she is no more interested in spending time with him. He kicks her out and she is back to square one.

Zara catches a lonely Eric sitting on his stoop upset about his father’s death. She asks him what would make him feel better and he confesses that he wishes he could talk to him one last time.

She stages a séance and tells Eric that he can speak to his father through her. He is skeptical at first, but quickly comes around to the idea. His first question is what color he should paint the laundry room.

She ends up keeping up the guise and hanging out with Eric (as his “dad”) all day: paint shopping, a little football, watching a Mets game and taking a trip to an all-male sauna.

After being unable to get hired by his old company’s competitor, Stosh decides to help Caryn out by flying to Florida and posing as her fiancée.

He tells Nana that despite the fact that they are both opinionated and stubborn, their relationship survives in part because they occasionally take a moment to slow dance to The Dreamlovers doo wop hit “When We Get Married.”

He disappears after his award-worthy performance. They reconnect at the townhouse and after thanking him, his true colors show when it's revealed that he used Eric's credit card to book the trip. 

Weird Loners
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Weird Loners Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Stosh: Rambo still out there?
Eric: No, she had spin class.

Eric: How'd she know where to find you anyway?
Stosh: I'm pretty sure she did something to my phone. My GPS keeps trying to steer me into oncoming traffic.