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Stosh is entering Caryn's apartment mission impossible style with grocery bags in hand. He stealthily steals groceries while Caryn naps on the couch talking in her sleep in a Southern accent.

As he ducks out, Zara's entrance through the front door startles her awake. She records her dreams in a dream journal at her therapist's request.

Stosh brings over the stolen groceries and offers to make dinner for the group. Caryn is surprised by how well he remembers the foods she likes.

During dinner, Stosh's headhunter calls with bad news about his job search and he receives texts from his bookie, Tulip, regarding $1,000 that he owes.

Later, Eric tells Stosh that he should move back to his condo in the city. Eric doesn't want to hold him back.

Caryn accuses Zara of eating her food, but Zara denies it. They put together that Stosh has been stealing their groceries.

As a way to help Eric make friends, Stosh suggests that he buy a new 65" curved Matushi television with the money his dad left him. With the new TV he could invite his co-workers to watch Mets games.

Stosh takes the money and uses it to pay Tulip. He buys a knock-off Mabushi television and trys to pass it off as the real thing.

Eric invites his coworkers over and his plan to make friends seems to be succeeding, until the Mabushi short circuits and kills the power.

Zara has done a little internet stalking using the website amidatingadouchebag.com and learns that Stosh lost his condo in the city and is blackballed from the dental sales industry.

Stosh wants to apologize to Eric, but Eric doesn't want to see him and kicks him out of the house.

Caryn finds him at a woman's house. She introduces herself as his fiancee, but Stosh claims that isn't true. She tells him that her therapist thinks he has walls up. After a few therapy sessions with Caryn's therapist by proxy, he is ready to apologize to Eric.

Stosh, Zara and Caryn drive to the bridge where Eric works and after a few times through the toll, Stosh is finally able to apologize and make things right with Eric. The two cousins share a hug in the close confines of his toll booth.


Weird Loners
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Weird Loners Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Caryn: This is a lot of information. What site is this?
Zara: Am I Dating a Douchebag dot com. By the way, I know you date a lot so I signed you up for the full year.

Stosh: Is this another "my father will turn over in his grave" questions?
Eric: Yup.
Stosh: Then no, I would not have moved in.
Eric: Damn it! You could have at least lied to get him back in the right position.