Four single thirty-somethings are unwittingly thrown together in Weird Loners Season 1 Episode 1. Watch Weird Loners online at TV Fanatic to meet television's newest roommates.

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Caryn, Stosh, Eric and Zara are in their thirties and living in New York. Caryn is looking for love, but refuses to settle for marriage to dependable dermatologist Howard. Stosh is a womanizing ladies man who is fired from his sales job for sleeping with his boss' fiancee. Zara is a free spirit who just can't commit. And Eric is an overgrown man-child who has never left home. Stosh reconnects with his cousin Eric at Eric's father's funeral and uses the situation to his advantage for a free place to live. Shortly after, Eric meets Zara while buying a painting and Stosh meets Caryn when she sets off the townhouse smoke alarm. After Caryn decides to take Howard up on his proposal, the foursome is thrown together at an impromptu engagement dinner after Caryn and Stosh find themselves in a compromising position. Caryn's flirtation with Stosh prompts her realization that she can't settle for Howard and she quickly calls off the engagement. Caryn takes a walk to clear her head and is followed by the rest of the gang. They find themselves on a bench watching an outdoor wedding ceremony. They provide cynical voiceovers for the bride and groom before crashing the reception. With Zara moving in with Caryn and Stosh living with Eric, upcoming episodes will certainly focus more on this budding group dynamic.

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On Weird Loners Season 1 Episode 1 four thirty-somethings find themselves living under one, conjoined roof after their lives slowly fall apart.

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I got the same sex drive as everyone else. I just don't have the drive to do all that other horse...


Caryn: You were always terrified of intimacy, weren't you? I could see it in your eyes the very first day we met.
Marty: Which was Wednesday.