Stosh helps Caryn lie to her grandmother by posing as her fiancee and Zara helps Eric reconnect with his dad. Watch Weird Loners online to see what you missed!

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Stosh wakes up to Eric watching him sleep, which is a habit he picked up when his father was alive and living in that same bedroom.

Zara is similarly getting acclimated to her new living situation when Caryn busts into her bedroom as she is performing a Buddhist blessing. Further interrupting, Caryn’s phone rings. It’s her Nana, who is excited to meet her fiancée.

Caryn forgot to tell her mother that she is no longer getting married. As she is booking a plane ticket to break the news to Nana, she questions whether it would be easier to just marry Howard. She shows up at his dermatology practice and tells him she wants him to come to Florida, but not necessarily get back together.

Stosh is also avoiding confrontation in the form of a cross-bow wielding jilted lover. After failing to get hired by his old employer’s competitor, he decides to be a good friend to Caryn and join her in Florida to pose as her fiancée.

He makes a good impression on Nana, laying the romance on thick. He puts an old love song on his phone and they slow dance in the hospital room. Caryn seems taken by the performance, but Stosh quickly disappears when it is all over.

Meanwhile, Zara finds Eric on his stoop. He misses his dad and wishes he could tell him one last thing. Zara pretends to contact him from beyond the grave and ends up spending the entire day with Eric (posing as his dad), until a Mets doubleheader leaves her grasping for her sanity.

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On Weird Loners Season 1 Episode 2, Stosh helps Caryn deceive her Nana, while Zara spends the day connecting with Eric in an unlikely way.

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Weird Loners Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Stosh: Rambo still out there?
Eric: No, she had spin class.

Eric: How'd she know where to find you anyway?
Stosh: I'm pretty sure she did something to my phone. My GPS keeps trying to steer me into oncoming traffic.