Stosh is broke and his lies are finally catching up to him. Find out who pays the price when you watch Weird Loners Season 1 Episode 3 online at TV Fanatic

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Stosh is stealing food from Caryn and Zara's apartment as Caryn naps on the couch. He plays it off like he is generously cooking them dinner, but little do they know it is their own food he is serving them.

Stosh is broke, out of job options and on the hook with his bookie for $1,000. To make matters worse, Eric wants him to move back to his condo in the city. Stosh tells Eric that he wants to stay, and offers him advice on making friends.

By purchasing a new curved TV with his inheritance money, he could invite his coworkers over for baseball games. Stosh uses most of the TV money to pay his bookie, and buys a knock-off TV with the rest. His coworkers are impressed by the TV, but are quickly disappointed when it blows up before gametime.

After realizing where their food has been going, Zara digs into Stosh and finds out he is broke. Caryn confronts him at a woman's house, who claims to be his fiancee. After getting to the bottom of his issues with the help of Caryn's therapist, he decides to apologize to Eric.

Zara and Caryn accompany Stosh to Eric's toll booth and the two share a sincere moment.

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On Weird Loners Season 1 Episode 3, Caryn and Zara are thrilled that Stosh is cooking dinners for them and Eric until they realize from where he gets his groceries.

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Weird Loners Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Caryn: This is a lot of information. What site is this?
Zara: Am I Dating a Douchebag dot com. By the way, I know you date a lot so I signed you up for the full year.

Stosh: Is this another "my father will turn over in his grave" questions?
Eric: Yup.
Stosh: Then no, I would not have moved in.
Eric: Damn it! You could have at least lied to get him back in the right position.