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Dolores starts out in a dream. She's terrified. A fly walks across her eye. The examiner wants to know if she has ever questioned the nature of her reality. He wonders what she thinks of the guests. The newcomers? Her father taught her that at one point or another, they were all new to this world. They want to be free, live out their dreams, live the impossible.

A train has arrived. One fellow has been there multiple times, choosing each time whether to be evil or good dependent upon his pleasure.

James Marsden is on the train. He first heads to the bar, gets a whiskey. A call girl steps up, notices he's fresh. But he wants to earn affection, not pay for it. He spots Dolores outside and makes a beeline for her.

Dolores, meanwhile is talking to the examiner, and how it never ceases to amaze her how your whole life can change with once chance encounter.

The man asks her if he'll see her at home. She didn't think they would come back. She says he can chase her. She forgot he dresses like a cowboy but that's just the extent of it as they look out over the ranch, that appears to be theirs.

The arrive at the ranch house. Livestock is roaming, but father wouldn't let them roam this close to dark. Teddy takes off after a gunshot rings out. At the house, Dolores' daddy is being shot to death by a milk-guzzling bad guy. His partner is angry the old woman was killed before the rest of them got a turn.

Dolores is crying at her daddy's side, as Yul Brynner wonders why she doesn't remember him. He's been coming her for 30 years and she still can't? They gave her pluck, but not much else.

Teddy doesn't bother shooting when he's given the chance to try to shoot him right between the eyes. The realization of what The Man in Black will win sets him down. Until the guy starts tossing around Dolores.

The next day, they're back at it again, and Teddy is on the train.

At the lab, they're making horses and testing them out. Humans are moving. They're all awfully skinny. Painfully so.

4 The hooker that approaches Teddy is using a new gesture, one they call reveries. The old gestures are tied to specific memories. Even though they are purged at the end of each day, they can be accessed. That's not going to be good. But it makes the guests fall in love with them.

There is an alarm. while the fellow, Bernard, walks away from his colleague, she uses the moment to steal a kiss from the hooker.

There was a software update. Something has gone wrong in the field. Guns at the ready, a team goes into the sub basement. All of the bodies are standing down there. They look ill, which seems unlikely.

Dr. Ford is down there, drinking with Wild Bill Hickock. He was an early model, they gave themselves away easily in the old days. They also do as commanded, including zipping themselves up right into a bag.

Dolores is up and at her day. There is nobody there to see their story, but it plays out just as any other day. Teddy has arrived is once again spotting the woman he loves outside the bar, going to see her. But this time, he's hung up when other men recognize him from a previous trip, allowing Black to get to Dolores first.

There is a problem with the sheriff, it appears as if he's having a stroke. The newcomers aren't impressed, and a guy's wife wants to move on. One guy thinks pulling the 10% that have received the update would interrupt all the stories in progress. She says the guests interrupt stories all the time. Bernie says he cannot hurt a fly, which is quite literal.

At the same time, Teddy is with those dudes who are hoping to use him as a guide. After one of them says Teddy creeps him out, a fly crawls right up to Teddy's eyeball.

Dolores runs into a family while she's painting. A little boy says she's not real. When she gets home, her father is staring at a photo he found in the dirt. He doesn't understand what it is.

Lee wants to stop the updates all together. He doesn't think people want reality. Wives don't want to think their husbands are really fucking a hooker, and what makes the place work is the element of fantasy and the unreal. He says he wouldn't mind a changing of the guard. She wonders if he knows what it's all about. Nope.

The sheriff is all fixed, but it's already a bit of a mess down there. The pal of the milk guzzler is shooting everyone, chugging milk and leaking it out of his torso. He's pouring it into the head of his buddy in the street, and milk pours out of his head.

The good news is it was definitely the code. The bad news is it was the code Ford wrote to include the new gestures. Ford says they've come as far as they can go. There will not be anything else they can do.

Black is out there with the poor bastard he pulled out of the herd. He drained him of almost all his blood. Black wants to know how to get to the deeper meaning of the game. Up on the rock, he literally starts digging into the manbot.

Dolores starts her morning cheerful as always. Her father hasn't moved. He's caught in a state of panic with the photo. There is a question they're not supposed to know or ask, but he knows it. Does she want to know it? She runs to town and finds Teddy. She wants to go to her father fast. He's very ill. But the story manipulators have brought in Hector, who is apparently some kind of storybook bad guy.

The best part was when the guest showed up and shot the dude and his blonde thingy stopping all the so-called progress the story writer made.

Peter is one of those who did not make it through the day quite as well as the others. Others wanted to put him down. But Ford isn't ready to do that just yet. He does, however, get wiped and shit canned to the basement. As he takes his place, there are tears in his eyes.

The place isn't worried about Dolores. She's the oldest host in the park. She's been wiped so many times she's almost brand new. Standing in front of her new daddy, she swats and kills a fly that has landed on her neck.

These violent delights have violent ends.

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Westworld Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

The newcomers are just looking for the same thing we are, a place to be free, to stake out our dreams, a place with unlimited possibilities.


Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world, the disarray. I choose to see the beauty. To believe there is an order to our days. A purpose.