Bernard on the Beach - Westworld
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Dolores and Bernard are talking. He mentions being afraid of who she might become.

He then sees the events of the night Ford was killed by Dolores. He's shaking with disbelief. When he awakes, he's on a beach with someone pointing a gun at him. She has a list of IDs and allows him to go after someone calls him the boss.

It's the aftermath of the party and the rising.

As Bernard walks along the beach further down, he sees the gunned "security" people wantonly shooting hosts. Others are arguing all around. Halstrand, Head of Operations, explains he's executing everyone because they are all built to be like humans, so of course, they're all hostile.

They're on the beach because it's the farthest from where everything began. The executions continue.

Halstrand wants one of his men to pull out the "brain" of a host right there on the island where the fellow says "it isn't exactly sterile." It seems an odd thing to note while all are being executed. A grizzly scene wherein an Indian is scalped revealing the maze inside continues and the core is removed.

Using an iPad type device, they view what was last recorded on the man's hard drive. Dolores killing him. She says, "I told you friend, not all of us deserve to make it to the valley beyond."

Bernard recalls the night again, on the run with Charlotte while the world fell apart around them.

The whole time, Dolores and Teddy were on a killing spree. Guests are being hung up to die, much like she was hung up to die who knows how many times over how many countless lives. She enjoys toying with the humans much like they did with her, leaving them to die, begging for their lives.

At the site of the festival, Old Man William aka rolls a dead body off of himself and heads over to his horse. He's ready to have some fun now. One of his friends is pissed. And soon dead by hosts. After years of playing the game without consequences, will Bill be good enough to survive?

He fights off the first few fine and heads into a cabin to clean up a wound on his arm. The music is delightful as if this is what Bill has been waiting for all his life. After he's bandaged, he takes out his black hat, plops it on his head and a tiny smirk runs across his face.

Simon is trying to fight off a host inside when he's "rescued" by Maeve.

Simon has the nerve to speak to her condescendingly to Maeve about her daughter, telling her she was something they programmed. That she was not real. Maeve counters that is she not real either? What if she killed him right no? Would that not be real? God, he's an idiot.

Angela happens upon a group of people on the run, the one that Bernard and Charlotte caught up with. They go on the run again.

At the building, Maeve is still putting up with Simon's condescending garbage including chit-chat of mental intellectual property, and Maeve is ultimately reunited with Hector in a passionate, very un-robotlike kiss.

Charlotte finds a popup station in the dust in the middle of the desert. Bernard doesn't know what it is, and when he gets in there, he sees a drone host that freaks him out.

A package did not arrive for her people and they are not sending help. The package must be Abernathy, who Charlotte and Sizemore had hoped to put onto a train during the Westworld Season 1 finale.

While out in the world. Bill sees the child, Robert Ford. His voice is a combination of both the boy's and Anthony Hopkins's voice. It's very strange. He congratulates William, saying the game is just for him. It annoys William that Ford is still talking in code after all this time. In his arrogance, William decides he doesn't need the child or the man any longer and shoots the kid in the head.

Maeve wants Simon to start playing the game, and that means stripping to get into his new garb.

Teddy isn't buying into what Dolores knows about the past, present, and future, but she is adamant. They need to conquer not only this world but the bigger one outside that contains others like those who have controlled them. But it's personal for Dolores. She says it won't be enough to take this world, we'll have to take that one from "him" as well.

Bernard is barely keeping himself alive by draining juices out of others while trying to act human and help Charlotte catch Abernathy.

All that digging Ford was doing created a massive body of water. In that body of water are the hosts.

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Westworld Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Bernard: You frighten me sometimes, Dolores.
Dolores: Why on earth would you ever be frightened of me?
Bernard: Not of who you are now, but you're growing, learning so quickly, I'm frightened of who you might become, the path you might take.

Bernard: Dreams don't mean anything, Dolores. They're just noise. They're not real.
Dolores: What is real?
Bernard: That which is irreplaceable.