Ghost Nation's Origins - Westworld
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We finally get the story of the Ghose Nation when we discover they were once a peaceful tribe but after the Akecheta found Arnold dead when Dolores killed him, they were all reprogrammed to be savages.

Akecheta lost the woman he loved for the first time then.

He always felt the presence of "others" as he called them. One of them was the naked Logan Delos, muttering by a tree in trees asking how to find the door, saying he was in the wrong world.

His horse had died and he was apparently out there for who knows how long. Instead of killing him, the Akecheta gave him a blanket and said your kind will come for you.

Akecheta knew he had gone mad from the sun, but his words cracked something open in him.

And he happened upon the family he once knew and the woman he loved. He took them food. When he saw his former love, he recognized her. He was not allowed to look at her, though.

His sense grew stronger everyday that he had lived a life before this one.

Meanwhile, poor Maeve was being chopped open while she was still breathing.

Akecheta rode looking for the door Logan had talked about. He found the big hole in the groud, which Akecheta called a door to another world. He would try to leave, but not without Kohana.

When Ake tried to show Kohana the door, it was no longer visible to him, but he was certain they would be able to find it agains, together.

The only place Akecheta had not looked was on the other side of death, a place he may not have ever been. He'd been out in the game for over nine years and had never been brought in for help.

When the techs start to update him, Ake goes to the basement where he finds Kohana in the basement. He realizes everyone mourns the loss of someone down there even if they don't know why.

Sizemore goes to Maeve to apologize. That dickhead comes back thinking he's erased the anomolus code. Maeve is lying in wait for Charlotte Hale.

Akecheta spent his life sharing the symbol, first with his men. Then he did it with Maeve's daughter. All the time Maeve was so afraid of him and all he wanted to do was give her the truth, to keep her safe.


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Westworld Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

This world. It's wrong. It's not the world we belong in.


Kohana: Take my heart when you go.
Akecheta: Take mine in its place.