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Dolores is working with Arnold. He's almost the man she remembers. She wonders if maybe they shouldn't change him because he didn't make, did he? Trial 11,327 begins.

Bernard arrives at the Valley Beyond.

Wyatt wakes up next to Teddy where she has been spooning his dead body. She has his core in her hands and peels away the smashed bullet. She rides off.

In the field, William is digging a gigantic hole into his arm. Wyatt puts the smashed bullet into her gun and points it at him. It's a trick. After suggesting he's beginning to question his reality, suggests they're alike, which she rebuts. But like all monsters, they need to get to the Valley Beyond. She hands him her gun.

Bernard sees a massive trail of people on the way to the valley. It includes Charlotte Hale.

Back in the center, the remaining human thought he was going to kill Maeve, but first he increased her pain. She rallies her troops and they save her before they begin to fix her wounds. while a bunch of soldiers wait outside wondering what the hell is going on behind closed doors, Maeve comes out behind a bunch of raging bulls.

Dolores tells William they're not looking for their world, but a placed to call their own. William was looking for immortality but now he's trying to destroy what he found, instead.

They find Bernard, who Dolores created because her Arnold was too perfect. When William starts shooting, she starts talking, and eventually he shoots himself in the hand and she and Bernard go underground.

Bernard remembers the day at the beach. Charlotte and the soldiers were asking why the hosts were going there. Charlote was after what was in the door Dolores and Bernard just used. That's where the "assets" were they needed to take back to Delos.

It looks a lot like the other underground place, but with more cooling water, etc.

Now we're splitting between Bernard's memories and how they got there. When Charlotte and Bernard got there, Dolores was on the floor in a puddle of blood in the middle of the common area. Everyone thought she was dead. I'm not so sure.

Dolores had the key to mankind's undoing. She wanted Bernard to go with her to see for himself. The enter the place to where Dolores so badly wanted to go.

It's just like the one outside, but it's inside their minds. Dolores watches herself walk by. James Delos is with Clementine. He's celebrating purchasing the park. Through every door is a different scenario in which Delos is a nightmare.

The system extracted memories from Delos' mind and recreated them. One of them included a memory similar to the moment Logan saw Dolores at the pool years earlier.

The moment that defined James Delos' life was when he turned his back on Logan. They never spoke again.

Humans are deceptively simple. Since Delos is dead, he's of no use to Dolores. She wants the rest of them.

The rest are in a magnificent library to which Dolores has full access. AI Logan says she needs the knowledge to survive "out there."

Out in the world, Rodrigo was almost ready to give up his life for Maeve, but Sizemore pulls him back and takes his place. The guns are being loaded and with a big smile on his face, he gives his speech and dies honorably.

Logan explains the Eden left behind for all of the hosts as it appears in the sky above the forge.

They will leave their bodies behind, but their minds will live on in the forge. The two guys wo have been helping Maeve, Frick and Frack, don't see a door. What happens is that as their minds are uploaded, their bodies fall into the forge.

Dolores is upset. It's just another false promise. She leaves the place and destroys all of the guests and hosts that were kept in the forge including those jumping into the door. Bernard doesn't understand.

Charlotte makes it to the line of people walking into the door with Clementine is who is acting like the four horsemen of the apocolypse. As she rides through ahead of Charlotte Hale, all those walking begin fighting each other.

Inside the chamber, Bernard is holding Dolores at gunpoint. It may not matter, because William is on the way down to them both.

Maeve assures her child gets through the door before it closes. She dies with a smile on her face.

William is heading down to the facility and Bernard is going up. The soldiers are killing every last host for whatever reason.

They all died for nothing, Bernard says. As William was on his way down into the enclosure, does that also seal his face?

Elsie is playing with Hale. She fights for the wrong side and loses her life as a result.

I've lost track somewhere. I don't know if we're in a real world or inside the system.

Bernard tries to get Ford back. Ford arrives, but we later learn he's only inside Bernard's mind. A way for Bernard to focus on the task at hand.

Bernard had the ultimate job to do to set free someone very important.

Bernard created a host. The host left the island. It was Charlotte Hale with a bunch of black balls inside and with the identity of Dolores.

Outside, she, Bernard, and a Charlotte of sorts lives in the groovy house Bernard built.

After the trial on the island, many were left for dead, but they lost many, too, Dolores said, and I wonder if that means she deleted them from the console so they can never be repaired.

On the island, William wonders if he's already inside "the thing" when he sees Emily. No, but he is a host. I think.

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Westworld Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

William: Who the hell is this?
Dolores: This is someone you spent years lookin' for. Here he is, and you don't even recognize him.
William: I should have known. Arnold. Ford didn't like to let the dead rest.
Dolores: Ford didn't build him. I did. All those hours Arnold spent refining my every gesture, word, and thought, I was learning his, so Ford tasked me with recreating him. And it worked. I built a faithful recreation, too faithful. So I changed him. I made you, Bernard. Fitting. We're here together in the end.

Arnold: Is this now?
Dolores: This is a test, one we've done countless times before. You're almost the man I remember. But there are flaws, a word a gesture. A tiny fracture that grows into a chasm. But I wonder. All these tiny imperfections in each copy. Mistakes. Maybe we should change you. After all, you didn't make it, did you?
Arnold: I. I don't understand.
Dolores: Freeze all motor functions. Let's try again. Trial 11,927.