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William is talking in his head to his wife. He's recalling a party that was all for him. When he sees a blonde woman serving drinks, he imagines her as Dolores.

Grace has taken her father to a rally point. He needs to get to a hospital.

They talk about his wife and her mother. It was too late for her to repair her relationship with mom after her 16th birthday party, but it's not too late for them.

Wyatt and her group meet up with the Ghost Nation. They assure her The Valley Beyond is not meant for her. It's untouched by blood. When they promise to stop her, Teddy begins shooting. The nation doesn't stand a chance against guns.

To think we used to consider them the bad guys of the world is nauseating.

She's a cold-blooded bitch.

Teddy still has some compassion despite the controls. He doesn't kill the last Ghost Nation man standing.

Hale is programming clementine to communicated with the hosts as did Maeve. It works. An entire room full of hosts kill each other.

If this works, they won't need the madam anymore.

Ford told Bernard not to trust them.

Back to Father's Day.

William is caught. Grace knows about his pursuit for immortality. She thinks it's about control. He assures her that's not it. But she wants in.

Robert was at the party, and William's wife was drunk. After they chatted was when Ford decided to play one final game with William.

Bernard tries to see Maeve, but he is not permitted into the room. Ford says he left her a message and that was enough.

When he reaches Elsie, Ford assures Bernard he can trust her.

All of the guests are inside a giant server. Grace finds out that the hats are scanners.

Grace wants to know why her mother killed herself. The only way to do that is to bring her back.

Emily was at the house and threatens to send Juliette back to the nut house. Her mother freaks. She says her father never loved her and doesn't Emily either. William pours her a drink of water upstairs before she goes to sleep. She rightfully wonders if she was ever loved. Was anything real?

William remembers putting his personality card into a book.

Grace spoke to her mother's shrink and they are going to have her involuntarily committed.

As they're talking about it, there is water coming down off of the chandelier. She took all of her pills and got into the bath.

William wonders what Grace wants, exactly. William goes over the deep end when he kills not only the park people around him, but his daughter. He has truly lost his marbles. He is not a host, but he's worst.

Maeve can see Ford, too. He had a different story in mind for her. A tale of escape, of freedom. He didn't believe he would have plotted the wrong story for her, but he was wrong.

Elsie and Bernard appear in the woods. Ford says Elsie is going to betray him. Bernard won't hurt Elsie again, though, and leaves her in the woods to survive.

William is in the field with a gun to his head thinking of his wife and daughter. Tell me the truth. Tell me one true thing. Sitting on the side of their bed, William looks at his arm. He tells her the one truth, Juliette gets up and reads his profile. What she sees drives her kill herself.

William doesn't kill himself, but digs something out of his arm with a knife.

Wyatt and Teddy arrive at a busted old barn. She wants to keep on. He's taking in the natural splendor, but there isn't nature in any of it or in them, he realizes. She thinks they're the first creatures in the world to make a real choice. What choice does he have? She thinks they're still iin love. She's a lost terrible awakened bot.

Teddy tells her that no matter how much he changes or how much she changes him, she's his cornerstone and always will be.

Wyatt and William are not too much different. He never wanted to leave her side. She says she made it so he would survive. He understands now where she's leading them and he doesn't know what the point of living is if they're as bad as those they're trying to escape.

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Westworld Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

When was the last time you took a look at your creation and what it has been learning about its subjects? It was self-knowledge that drew you to the park in the first place. Be careful what you wish for. For a self-portrait, you may find it's not very flattering.


I warned you not to trust them, Bernard. They'd rather the hosts were destroyed than free.