Waiting Their Turn
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Guillermo and the vamps go to a LARPer party to gather some virgins for dinner.

They're watching outside the window. Nadja isn't impressed with them and think they'll taste horrible.

The vamps talk about the Baron and his visit. Nadja and Lazlo recount how the Baron gives instruction when they're right at the point of climax during sex.

Guillermo talks about the Baron's familiar.

The group talk about how they're going to accomplish world domination. Colin was eavesdropping and is caught.

Colin and the other vamps take the bus to a city council meeting. None of them can stand Colin's constant talking and leave. Guillermo is by himself listening to Colin.

They're all at the city council meeting. Colin tells them he comes every week. Colin is going to speak.

The vamps talk about what they're going to change when they take over the city.

Colin finishes up and Nandor talks. He has no clue how to use a mic. He orders them to submit and sounds like a maniac.

The president tells him it's a zoning meeting and tells her to come back. And he agrees. Haha.

Lazlo gives his thoughts about Nandor.

Lazlo talks with Colin about the council president and what her weaknesses are. Colin talks like a normal person while Lazlo talks about killing her.

Nadja talks about her past as a poor gypsy.

She's walking with Jenna  and talking to her about her future.

Lazlo visits Barbara Lazzara's house who's watching her grandchild. He compliments her with strange comments about the women's suffrage movement.

He asks her if she has a stone in her shoe that needs eliminating, but she talks about the raccoons. Finally, she figures it out that he's a weirdo. Then he tries to cast a non-remembering spell on her. 

Nandor shares his plans to take over the council.

Nandor approaches one of the council members in the park and tries to cast a spell on him but it doesn't work either.

Jenna and Nadja are talking about sex. Jenna thinks Nadja is coming on to her but she is actually turning her into a vampire -- or at least trying to.

Lazlo starts killing raccoons for Lazzara to please her and make her an ally. Then he uses a flute, via Pied Piper, to get rid of them.

Nandor is trying to call Doug Peterson from the council when Guillermo interrupts thinking Nandor was calling him. The spell actually worked. Peterson hears him.

Jenna drinks Nadja's blood thinking it's spicy vodka. Then Nadja disappears.

Lazarra wakes up to find a pile of raccoons on her porch. Lazlo is upset she's upset and thinks it's a threat.

Peterson loses it at the meeting saying all sorts of crazy stuff thanks to Nandor until a cop removes him.

Colin thinks what's happening is the greatest.

Jenna is having issues as she starts to become a vampire.






What We Do In The Shadows
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What We Do In The Shadows Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

How best to describe Nandor? I would say he's blessedly unburdened with the complications of a university education, but give him an ax and he's second to none. Though you wouldn't want him as your barrister. Don't let him fucking see this.


All secret meetings take place in the fancy room.