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Change is in the wind, and Elizabeth is open to all of the new experiences that are coming her way.

Elizabeth runs into Natan and shares information with him about Allie. Lucas interrupts with news of more library books on the way.

They eye each other warily when Elizabeth runs off to intercept some boys playing.

Rosemary and Leland are getting ready for a vacation. They're going to Los Angeles, and Rosemary cannot wait to see old friends she knew in the business.

She can't wait to take a jaunt down Sunset Boulevard, THE place to be seen.

She's also designed bathing suits for both of them. They're suits, alright!

Her's is a fancy dress, and his looks like prison garb.

Mary Landers arrives colorfully dressed in a purple suit. She is shocked that Fiona is the local phone expert.

Faith calls Carson from the other side of the general store. She surprised him with her return.

Mary thinks Henry is quite the businessman and also a leader in town despite his shady past. She wants to cover it all, but he's not interested in dwelling on the past.

Mary wants to chat with Bill about Henry, too. Her readers want interesting characters, and she urges Bill to share his insight. He gets a little excited at the prospect of being a part of the article.

Elizabeth opens her collection of frontier stories.

Lucas tells his chef the beef stew is a hit but not so much the bouillabaisse.

Bill likes saying he's a town leader. He shares that he spoke with Mary about Henry. The two snidely trade barbs.

Elizabeth delivers her book to Lucas. She's worried he'll try to spare her feelings, but he assures her that's not the case.

Faith had a lovely time with her father. They got to know each other better. But Faith got a job offer as head nurse at the hospital where her father had been. She wants to talk with Carson because they're in this together, right?

Rosemary ordered sunglasses for the vacation. And the girls from town are excited to hear she might see a motion picture when she's there.

Lucas meets with Mary, who asks him if it gave him pause to go into business with a convicted felon. She gets a weird look when he says that he can't speak to Henry's past, but Henry has been a great business partner.

Mr. Simmons wants to come to town the week of Rosemary and Lee's vacation. He's potentially a huge client.

Elizabeth spies on Lucas reading from behind the curtains at the cafe.

Rosemary is so excited she's singing up a storm. She's gutted that they cannot go away.

Lucas thinks Elizabeth's stories and characters are wonderful, but... in order to publish them, she needs to go deeper. He didn't feel enough of an internal struggle from the character, and that disappoints Elizabeth.

Her work is good, but it could be great if she opens her heart.

Bill is decked out in a three-piece suit, and Leland calls him on it. They discuss the unfortunate turn of events that canceled their vacation, and Leland realizes he has to think of something to make it up to Rosemary.

Clara and Jesse are planning their wedding, and since her first wedding was smaller than small, he decides she'll get the wedding of her dreams, outdoors with a lot of family and friends.

Mary gets bad news about her article. They're going to print right away, and she needs to file her story tonight. Listening to Fiona talk about her move to Hope Valley from San Francisco, it seems like Mary might wind up writing her story instead.

Nathan and Elizabeth bump into each other again, and she apologizes for the previous interruption. When he notes Lucas just had to tell her all about his books, she says she was referring to the boys quarreling.

Nathan is all thumbs around Elizabeth. Cat got his tongue or his better judgment, he says.

Now Elizabeth bumps into Lucas and Henry, and it's awkward enough that Henry comments on it.

Elizabeth shares with Rosemary her thoughts on Lucas' input. She wasn't pleased and has noticed the awkwardness.

Rosemary has advice that contradicts her previous advice about inspiration.

The guys wonder why Carson has a look, and he tells her about Faith's job offer in Hamilton. It's the old conundrum about whether to ask her to stay because he wants her to or not so that she doesn't miss the opportunity.

Fiona is on the cover of Business & Industry. Modern Woman Connecting the World. Bill just worries about whether he was still quoted.

Elizabeth checks in with Henry afterward to see if he's disappointed. It's when Elizabeth says Fiona told her whole story that I wonder if it will give her inspiration to deepen her story.

Henry worries that people don't want to forget his past, and she reminds him that not one of the people in town wanted to talk about it. They protect their own, and that includes Henry.

Nathan finds Elizabeth at the pond with Jack. He picks up her book and reads the title and author. She conveys to him what Lucas said, and he wonders what's in her heart.

Leland has bought out the saloon for the night and wants Rosemary to wear her Los Angeles dress.

She gets momentarily excited to have their intimate dinner and to make it a surprise so that she got the opportunity to act. Instead, she walks into the saloon to finds a surprise birthday party for her complete with a motion picture.

It's complete with the damsel in distress chained to the train tracks. Everyone is holding their breath when she's run over, but not so far that she's injured.

Lucas apologizes to Elizabeth about sticking his nose where it didn't belong. But she's happy that he gave her the advice. She's putting her short stories away and writing a novel from the heart.

Carson tells Faith that he thinks the job is too good to pass up. They can have a long-distance relationship. It's been done before.

The ladies tell her how much she was missed, and Faith admits she really missed everyone, too. She's pleased to hear Carson missed her the most, but she walks out of the saloon, and Carson runs to her. He has to tell her something. They declare their love for one another.

Elizabeth's novel is A Single Mother on the Frontier.



When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

You know, he must be important. This is the first place in town with two phones.


I remember sitting with her when she read manuscripts. She would quote Benjamin Franklin. "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."