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Little Jack is growing out of all of his clothes.

Clara and Jesse are worried the pastor won't arrive in time for their ceremony. Bill has the answer. He'll walk Clara down the aisle and perform the ceremony at the end of it.

Rosemary is planning Clara's bachelorette party, something new and different from a bridal shower.

She laughs at Lee for allowing so little time to plan Jesse's do.

They're discovering the issues of a one-car family when they both need to travel the next day.

Elizabeth is lamenting Jack's explosive growth, wishing he could stay just like he is. Rosemary decides Elizabeth should keep at least one of the items that doesn't fit for posterity.

Elizabeth and Lucas run into each other in the morning. He recognizes how much Jack is growing. Before you know it, he'll be driving down Main Street.

Carson is taken aback when he enters the office to find Molly helping with his schedule, etc.

Faith hired her before she left. Molly is the new receptionist. Carson doesn't seem pleased.

Fiona needed to go to Benson Hills for phone parts. She asks Henry to borrow his car. Fiona has a driver's license, something that doesn't exist in Hope Valley.

Kevin cannot believe that Henry allowed Fiona to borrow the car. Fiona almost runs over Rosemary who is hoping to catch a lift.

Nathan sees Elizabeth and Jack outside, looking at his horse. He's heading over to help plan the bachelor party.

Student Emily has a basket of apples for Elizabeth.

Cards, food, drink, and darts are all the guys can come up with, but Lee thinks they need to innovate to compete with the bachelorette party.

None of them have any idea what they're supposed to do for the party. And when Lucas reveals that both parties will be sharing the saloon for their parties, Nathan speaks up. No women allowed. Lucas will have to say he double-booked and for the ladies to find another venue.

Lucas allows Nathan to drone on because Elizabeth has walked in and hears his entire comment.

When Molly asks patients to come in 15-minute increments, Carson is offended. He doesn't like to rush.

Elizabeth arrives home to a bouquet of flowers on her porch. There is no note. That causes Elizabeth a bit of consternation.

Elizabeth and Bill talk about the late pastor and the mysterious bouquet.

He wonders who she wants them to be from, and she doesn't answer. If this were an investigation, there would be only two suspects, he says. But it's not.

Still, Bill offers to do the investigation anyway. She declines sternly.

Florence visits Molly, who is reading medical texts much the way we do Google. She sees the common signs of meningitis are cold hands and feet, which she has!

Henry's car begins stuttering as the women are two miles from Hope Valley.

Bill is making ribs, but Gustov is making braised lamb.

Bill wonders if Nathan knows about the flowers. Nathan seems to be the suspect when he asks if she seems to like them.

Everyone is asking about the flowers. Molly saw them on the step. Allie listens from around the building. A secret admirer. How fun.

Fiona worries that she drove through a pothole causing the car issue.

They've been stuck for over an hour because there is no passing traffic. But Rosemary thinks they're on Jed Campbell's land and sets off to get them a ride.

Clara is working on her dress alone.

Allie wonders if there is anything Nathan wants to tell him about the flowers. Nope.

Bill continues to investigate by visiting Lucas.

Rosemary got the lace, but when Clara walks out of the dressing room, it seems like they might not need it.

Fiona hopes Kevin the blacksmith can help with her issue.

Molly begins giving medical advice so that she can cower under a blanket with her chills.

Elizabeth doesn't want Bill talking in front of Fiona, and they use a cake metaphor to discuss his investigation.

Kevin isn't successful with the car repair, and Fiona wonders if it's "that thing," the function of which neither of them understands.

Carson admits to Elizabeth that Molly is driving him nuts.

Everyone is carrying on conversations they aren't really having, which is a lot of fun.

Jesse doesn't seem even remotely excited about the bachelor party.

Leland assures him it's perfectly normal to be nervous.

Carson has a discussion with Molly. She cannot diagnose his patients. She's not a nurse or a doctor. She was only trying to help, she says, and promises to do it how he likes. But when she leaves, she seems quite unhappy.

The guys hear the ladies having a lot more fun than them spinning the big wheel with suggestions of what each has to do to support the bride.

Elizabeth wonders if they're being cruel. They look so sad. That makes Rosemary only laugh louder. Meanwhile, Elizabeth makes googly eyes with Nathan and Lucas.

The two fellows greet each other at the bar and talk about Elizabeth.

When Lucas discovers it was Nathan who did something nice for Elizabeth, he launches himself away from the bar.

He's doing magic tricks for the ladies. Tossing darts backward using a mirror.

Others suggest they blend the parties, and although Leland is upset, the others all head over.

Elizabeth's attempt to get the dart to the board bounces right into Nathan's beer.

Nathan sends Lucas away so he can chat with Elizabeth.

Carson tries to make up with Molly. Florence says that it is Molly's first full-time job in a while and she wanted to impress Carson.

Florence wonders who sent the flowers, too, eyeing each prospect suspiciously.

Molly has medical students' disease. Carson apologizes if he was too harsh on her earlier. She's still not happy.

Henry wonders where his car is. Kevin says he offered to wash it after Fiona drove it through some mud. Henry needs to use it for an important meeting the next day. Uh oh.

Even Rosemary and Lee wants to know who Elizabeth favors. Rosemary thinks Nathan while Lee thinks Lucas.

Rosemary calls out Elizabeth on her feelings. It's not that simple, Elizabeth says. Saying it out loud just makes it too real.

Rosemary knows Elizabeth's heart is open again. But the flowers are from Rosemary, and Elizabeth is relieved. If they had been from one of the gentlemen, then it would be real, and she's not sure that she's ready for that.

When Fiona returns the car, Henry apologizes. The choke is a little sticky and sometimes needs persuasion.

Carson gets to the office, and Molly isn't there. But she walks in, and the two are happy to be working together.

There is a knock at Elizabeth's door. It's Lucas bearing a bouquet. She doesn't know what to say. He just wants her to enjoy them.

Things just got real. And even more real when Nathan arrives within minutes of Lucas with his bouquet.


When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Bill: I think we just keep it simple.
Leland: Yes, Bill, normally, I would agree with you. But Rosemary's got so much stuff planned for Clara's party, I really think we need to, you know.
Nathan: Gentlemen!
Leland: Hey.
Nathan: Sorry I'm late.
Unknown fellow: We're trying to think of ideas for Jesse's bachelor party.
Nathan: Well, how about a baseball game?
Bill: Have you ever been to a bachelor party?

Elizabeth: Perks of being a teacher.
Nathan: Yeah, well, you do a lot for those kids. It's nice when the parents do something nice for you. Well, hey, I'm a parent. Maybe I should do something nice for you sometime.