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The previously on segment suggests that Elizabeth will choose Nathan.

Lee got a telegram. It's from Susannah. She's on her way to Hope Valley. Lee is concerned while Rosemary is thrilled.

There is a knock at Elizabeth's door. He's delivering word that Frank Branson wants to speak with her. He's the publisher to whom Lucas' mother sent Elizabeth's chapters.

When they get to the store, they see a help wanted sign for Fiona's job. Lucas credits her with changing the town, but Fiona says if it wasn't her, it would have been someone else.

Elizabeth takes the call while Lucas stands by. She's beaming when she hears the amount she's offered for a publishing deal.

Rosemary is hovering over Lee while he convalesces even if he's gone onto the office. She wishes Susannah had given them more time to prepare, but Lee wonders why she sent a telegram. Was she avoiding discussion? Lee's sure of it.

Henry seems unwell while eating at the cafe. When he stands up, he falls right into Carson's arms. He's a little dizzy.

Elizabeth is getting a $200 advance and will be forever grateful for Lucas challenging her.

Nathan appears at that moment to overhear the discussion, and the two suitors are left awkwardly when Elizabeth goes off to school.

Carson tells Henry that he's suffering from exhaustion, which is more than a two-dollar word for tired. And whatever he's going through, his health is more important.

It's parents' day or something at school. Allie is showing off her work to Nathan. Allie worries that selling a book means Elizabeth will stop teaching, but Elizabeth assures Allie that's not true.

Nathan attempts to ask Elizabeth a question.

Rosemary has cleaned the heck out of her house, impressing Elizabeth.

Elizabeth cannot wait to tell Rosemary something, and Rosemary wants her to spill.

Rosemary is thrilled for Elizabeth. Rosemary takes the moment to ask about Nathan and Lucas, saying that sooner or later, Elizabeth has to decide.

Bill was looking forward for a couple of weeks, he tells Nathan, but the prison has changed those plans. His family got him a lawyer, so the trial has been moved to Buxton because he has a witness in the area.

But as the arresting officer, Nathan has to go, too.

Lee waits anxiously for the stagecoach with Rosemary providing support.

Susanna smiles upon arrival, but she doesn't walk into Lee's open embrace. That doesn't sit well with Rosemary.

Elizabeth visits Henry to see if he's alright. Henry tells Elizabeth that he thought Lucas was going to stick by him, but Lucas pulled out yesterday. She's shocked, and Henry guesses the company will fold without Lucas.

After dinner, Rosemary leaves Lee and Susanna to get acquainted. She runs a furniture store with her husband. Rosemary recognizes a coincidence in the siblings' trade.

Their conversation otherwise is quite stilted. She has two grown children and wonders after Lee and Rosemary's family.

Susanna wants to spend her night at the hotel despite Rosemary getting the guest room ready.

Elizabeth confronts Lucas about leaving Henry. He says it's much more complicated than the way Henry put it, but it's true.

Lucas has as done as much as he could, fending off vendors and paying the employees, but he can't afford to keep up that pace. Lucas wanted to suspend operations until they could figure it out, but Henry refused. Elizabeth apologizes for not giving Lucas the benefit of the doubt, but Lucas can't fault her for caring too much.

Lucas wishes he could have done more to help Henry, but Elizabeth assures him that he did what he could, and it's not his fault.

Fiona is interviewing Molly. Since Florence is taking over, Fiona guides her on the process.

Molly is shocked to hear that they don't listen to any more than 10 seconds of any conversation -- for real!

Lee drops by Susanna's room. She was getting ready for bed at 7 a.m. She hasn't liked sasparilla in a long time, so she's not keen on the one Lee brought her, but she invites him in anyway.

Lucas visits Henry to check on him and is met with disdain. Lucas still thinks Henry is a good man, so his health is his concern.

Lucas has recognized what Elizabeth said and wants to be a majority owner in the company so that he can ensure that the business is handled fairly.

Henry says no and shows Lucas to the door.

Susannah has a photo album with old photos. He doesn't remember any of them. But it's wonderful that she brought the album.

Lee turns the page to see a photo of their brother, who they both miss very much. Things were never the same after. Mom couldn't bear the grief, but neither could dad.

At the end, all dad could talk about was Patrick and mom. Lee didn't know dad was sick, though. Susannah was at home caring for their dying father while Lee was traveling, so he missed the funeral, something that still sticks between them. And with that, the conversation is over.

Nathan and Elizabeth run into each other at the stable, and Nathan drops the ball on asking her out again.

Rosemary visits Susannah. She's got a very determined look on her face. She's here to defend her husband and let go whatever issues they've had. She reveals the accident and how it affected Lee's consideration of his sister and need to reconnect. Rosemary assures Susannah that the Lee of today is a very good man with a big heart and encourages Susanna to stay to do it.

Lucas shares with Elizabeth that he made Henry an offer that was refused. He really wants to celebrate Elizabeth's book deal.

Carson is sorry to see Fiona go. She plays it off, but he can recognize that it's not what she wants. She wants to be grateful for even having a job. She's a very small cog in a big wheel, who is dispensable. That's what her boss told her, and Carson takes umbrage with it.

Rosemary and Lee are watching Jack when there is a knock at the door. It's Susanna. Lee is excited to see her, as is Rosemary.

Elizabeth arrives at the library to a candlelit dinner and champagne. They determine thought innuendo that it is, indeed, a date.

Susannah and Lee finally speak plainly and with emotion, fully caring about each other and hoping to put the past behind them. Lee apologizes and thanks her for taking such good care of his father. He can't imagine how hard it was for her to bear all of that on her own. They both wish they could take back the last 20 years.

Fiona calls Mr. Nichols. She would like to talk to him about the way he spoke to her the other day.

Nathan exits the office, and Elizabeth sneaks up on him. He's waiting for the prison coach. He lets her know he's heading out of town for a few days. They smile at one another before he asks her to dinner.

Henry won't sell the majority stake in the company to Lucas, but he will allow Lucas to buy him out.

Bill rounds up Nathan, who thought they would leave in a few hours.

Elizabeth checks in on Henry. Lucas tells her that Henry is out, and he now has complete ownership over Gowan Petroleum. No, that's not how he wanted it to go, and he knows he knows next to nothing about the business.

The woman from train is Elias' brother. She's armed and stops the coach. Nathan tries to talk her down, but Bill doesn't necessarily help. So Jenny almost gives up the gun when the Mountie driving the coach pulls a gun and shoots.

Lee and Rosemary plan on visiting with Susannah on their way to Los Angeles. They're getting their happy ending, and it's a reason to continue their trip no matter what.

Lee tells Susannah to tell her kids they're about to meet the best aunt in the whole world.

Carson spots a happy Fiona. She's weighing staying in Hope Valley after getting fired from the phone company. Maybe she quit, she reconsiders but knows that she quit. She told her boss she's not small, so Carson apologizes. She loves it here. Someday, she might leave for the right job. But this wasn't it.

Bill rides into town telling Carson he's got a gunshot wound.

Elizabeth hears that it's Nathan and runs toward the carriage. He's gone, Carson says. Just as Lucas begins to walk up, Elizabeth spots Nathan and runs into his arms.

When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

Rosemary: Sooner or later, you're going to have to decide.
Elizabeth: I know. I think by not deciding, I'm protecting myself from letting in either of them.
Rosemary: Elizabeth, we all have our own path. And when the time is right for you to choose, you'll know.

Elizabeth: I'm getting paid to write. I can't believe it!
Lucas: Well, I can because I've read your work.