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Lucas challenges Elizabeth when she needs it the most, and she's needed by Nathan for help dealing with his life's challenges.

Carson and Faith talk about her future. She's so excited even thinking about it.

Nathan tries to assure his son that he didn't steal anything. But Nathan is done with his promises.

Elizabeth is leaving Jack with his favorite other people.

Rosemary heard Elizabeth typing away all night.

Allie knocks. She can't live with Uncle Nathan anymore.

Jesse asks Kevin to be a groomsman. It surprises Clara. Jesse is making the wedding bigger. their numbers won't match.

Elizabeth visits Nathan. She's there to talk about Allie.

Nathan thinks Allie's suitcase would be empty. It isn't. Nathan offers to walk Elizabeth to church, and she hesitates.

Lucas sees Elizabeth come in with Nathan.

That pleases Nathan.

Nathan asks a favor of Bill. Please question his father.

Nathan warns Bill that his dad is a pretty good liar.

Allie wants to see grandpa. Nathan doesn't think it's a good idea.

Elizabeth can't help but wonder if this time, Nathan's dad might be innocent.

Jesse and Clara walk with Leland and Rosemary about the wedding.

Meanwhile, Fiona asks Kevin for help. She works seven days a week. Crazy!

Bill questions Nathan's dad. Why did his friend need the money? Why did he collect after all those years?

Allie cannot wrap her head around what is happening.

Nathan talks with Lucas about how much money his dad was flashing around that night. He's surprised to hear that he didn't play cards.

Fiona is having Kevin make the doohickies from the back of the switchboard. The connections are crackling. He says the whole town is proud of her.

Nathan has to go to Benson Hills to look into the situation.

Lucas and Elizabeth talk about how her novel is coming. He's excited to read it, but she's not sure it's ready. He talks her into it.

As Nathan walks up, Lucas takes his leave.

Elizabeth is excited that Nathan is going to look into his father's issues.

She offers to take care of Allie, and he thanks her because Allie has an ease around Elizabeth that Allie really needs.

Allie struggles because she can't remember her mother very well.

Allie tells Elizabeth that Nathan talks a lot about her, too. She shyly asks what he says but doesn't get to hear it since Jack starts to cry.

Faith is taking a call from the doctor. She only has two requisite courses to take before being eligible to train as a doctor. The next class, though, is already full, and it is only offered once a year. She's gutted.

Nathan can't find Edmunds. A fellow mountie says that the guy has a record. When Nathan speaks with him about Archie, he wonders if the man pursued his father because of his criminal past.

Nathan finds Edmunds. It was him. He was using the name, Harvey Butler. Nathan is heading to Buxton to the nearest pawn shop.

Clara wants Elizabeth to be her bridesmaid, and Rosemary is almost as excited as Clare to ask.

Faith is worried about her future. What if the admissions rules change? Carson wants her to have patience.

Carson is taking a selfie of them out by the water.

Allie skips out of school to talk with her grandfather.

Elizabeth finds her there and is not pleased.

Allie doesn't want to lose the only other person in her life.

Clara asks Nathan to be her wedding photographer.

At this rate, there won't be any guests.

Nathan finds Harvey. He holds him at gunpoint asking about the necklace.

The man says that Archie talked about Nathan and his sister for years. He was very proud of his son being a mountie. Since he repaid Archie's debt, he took the necklace to recoup his losses.

Lucas is laughing while reading Elizabeth's pages. He enjoys the chapters a lot. His protagonist is strong and vulnerable.

He's impressed by one of the characters.

Carson is photographing Faith when she gets a call from Union City.

Clara apologizes to Jesse about changing plans for the wedding because she's having Fiona in her bridal party now.

The University of Chicago has agreed to enroll Faith in their class. She's worried about the distance. Carson still seems excited about her opportunity.

When Bill finds out everyone is helping with the wedding but him, he feels left out.

Nathan has to tell his father that he was wrong. Edmunds had a rough life, so that's why he didn't tell Nathan he could have done that.

Archie wants his son to believe that people can change with the right motivations and desires.

Elizabeth is so happy that Nathan got a good break. She can see the love Archie has for Nathan and vice versa.

Faith has a lot to think about. Carson gives her his old anatomy book from college.

Lucas read the rest of the chapters to discover that her character is a mixture of many people.

Kevin flirts with Fiona about being in the bridal party.

Bill's looking for something to do at the wedding, but he has one of the most important roles -- walking Clara down the aisle.

Archie is leaving for a job up north. He writes stories about her mom for Allie.


When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Elizabeth: Do you really think he stole that necklace?
Nathan: That's the thing about criminals. They usually don't stop. What?
Elizabeth: Nothing.
Nathan: No, what is it?
Elizabeth: But what if this time, he didn't?

Life is a journey, defined not by the destination but by the company that we keep.