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Jesse is in a funk about Leland. There isn't any word on his health, and Jesse can barely even allow Clara to reach him.

Jesse is beating himself up over staying in the woods after the winds kicked up and not better preparing.

Townsfolk are in the cafe awaiting word on Lee's health.

Elizabeth visits Carson's to find Lee getting up out of the bed. He's fully dressed with Rosemary at his side.

It seems Lee has a concussion. He doesn't remember how he hit his head. Rosemary explains, and they walk into the street to a horde of warm wishers.

Jesse emerges from the office with a smile on his face.

Henry drives the couple home.

Lee is ready to accept a speech from Rosemary, but she's not in that frame of mind. Filled with concern, she's just happy to have him back in her arms again.

A fugitive named Elias O'Rourke is heading toward Hope Valley, and Nathan wants to help.

The two have words about what really happened in the woods.

Lucas believes Henry is stalling about the financials. With outstanding bills and the men not getting paid, he's certain of it. Henry says talking to him won't speed up the process.

Rosemary notices that Lee has been quiet since getting home. He admits that his experience put a lot of things into perspective. He's been very lucky in life, and it's a gift. He'd be a fool to live it with any regrets. She doesn't look pleased by that thought.

Elizabeth is proud of how her students behaved during the storm.

Carson visits Jesse. He noticed him in the street earlier and wonders if he's OK. He's been through a lot, too. Stress isn't any better than a physical ailment.

Lee is looking at a box of mementos. He snuck it into the attic when they first moved in.

There is a photo of his family and the sister that he never told Rosemary he had.

Her name is Susanna. She's one year older than Lee. They haven't talked in years.

Lucas has insight from his mother of her work. He sent her chapters without asking her. He was worried she would say no. And that is all the more reason he should have asked. She's very upset.

Fiona gets off of the train and sees Nathan in the station at the same time he spots his prey.

Kevin approaches the guy just as someone says hello to him. A woman who previously addressed Fiona looking for a place to eat tries to blend into the woodwork.

Rosemary is hurt that Lee never told her about Susanna. Elizabeth thinks it must have been very painful for him to keep the secret.

Elizabeth shares with Rosemary that she had words with Nathan, as well as what Lucas did. The experience left Elizabeth wondering how much she can trust him. The irony is that Nathan is wondering how much he can trust her.

Both of them have gone from eligible to questionable.

Fiona and Clara get caught up.

Fiona was in San Francisco for family and work stuff. Clara offers her a plate so they can get caught up on everything Fiona missed.

Rosemary wants to talk about Susanna, and Lee immediately apologizes. She wants to help. She wonders what's stopping him from finding Susanna. He's afraid she doesn't want to hear from him.

He's trying to get in touch with her and visiting with old neighbors hoping to get word on Susanna's whereabouts. Unfortunately, Susanna moved away shortly after his father died.

Henry walks right by Elizabeth in the street. Bill addresses Henry dubiously.

Bill shares the potential legal tangle between Lucas and Henry without detail.

Elias believes in the justice system. Nathan says if the guy's gift was carpentry instead of safe-cracking, they wouldn't be having that issue.

Lee visits the office to find Jesse still reeling over the accident.

Fiona is wondering about Lee's call to Loveland, Ohio. Lee rushes in with news that he might remember the name of Susanna's suitor.

Opal still won't go outside for recess. Allie tries to get her outside, but she's not interested.

Emily isn't there, so she's fine staying inside. Elizabeth wonders what she's afraid of. She's imagining all of the things that could go wrong if she goes outside, and if she does that, life would be no fun. It's almost like she's talking about herself.

Lucas apologizes to Elizabeth. Sending them should have been completely her choice. She knows his heart is in the right place, but he says he knows he's still out of line.

When Henry drives by, she asks about their issues. She also wonders why, after a year in business together, Lucas still doesn't trust Henry. By the same token, Henry's unwillingness to share is what causes him concern.

Henry admits to Elizabeth that he made a mess of things by thinking he was a mile ahead when he was, instead, a mile behind. Henry hasn't taken a salary in some time, and now he can't pay the men. She wonders why he's making it so personal.

Nathan delivers to Bill another case with Elias.

Nathan suggests that Elizabeth put herself into the thick of it by trying to save one of her students. Bill knows that Nathan is thinking about something other than the storm, and he doesn't hide that from Nathan.

Lucas speaks with the woman from the station. She's just passing through.

Bill checks in with Henry about the books. Lucas wants to wait a little longer. When the woman hears Bill is a judge, she looks concerned.

Lucas says he trusts Elizabeth's judgment about Henry, so he's holding back.

Lee and Little Jack are playing when Elizabeth gets home. Lee feels really good about the search for his sister.

Henry stands in front of his fire holding the financials.

Elizabeth is worried that she's not ready to put herself through possible rejection. Rosemary thinks it's a risk as worthy of taking as Lee's search for his sister.

Fiona thinks she found Susanna. Lee's thrilled!

Fiona gets a call from Mr. Nichols. It causes her some distress. She says she does like her job.

Lee calls Fiona. He's ready to place the call.

Lee calls and gets her directly. She hangs up on him.

Rosemary thinks it must have been a bad connection.

Carson finds Fiona and Florence crying on each other at the store. He wonders if Florence is OK. Sure, she'll be fine. So Carson questions Florence. Fiona is being transferred, and they won't let her get out of it. She's leaving next week.

Lee is outside again, playing ball by himself. It's up to Susanna to make the next move. But Lee thinks it's too late.

Henry delivers the books to Lucas. There are nine more yet undelivered. Lucas sits down to take a look just as Elizabeth enters.

Elizabeth came to say yes. She wants to send the chapters to a publisher. Lucas is so excited.

Lee tries Susanna again. Lee wants to see her and begs that she doesn't hang up. She needs to think about it. He understands.

Nathan visits Elizabeth. She invites him in. He says he owes her an apology because he overreacted over a few things. The last thing she wants is to hurt anyone, and she can see how things looked from his perspective. In the woods, too. He appreciates her courage in trying to save Emily. She says she's just following her instincts about everything.

When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Lucas: Just don't do anything stupid, Henry.
Henry: Such as?
Lucas: Such as covering your tracks. Right now, this is just a disagreement between partners. I don't think we want it to become anything more than that.

Nathan: So what can I help you with?
Elizabeth: I think we should talk. About yesterday.
Nathan: I don't really think there's much to talk about.
Elizabeth: Well, I do. What was that?
Nathan: A lot of stuff happened up there, and if you don't mind, that's just where I'd like to leave it.
Elizabeth: That's not what I want.
Nathan: I have to get to the train station.
Elizabeth: You're entitled to whatever it is you are feeling, but please stop shutting me out.
Nathan: I'm not shutting you out.
Elizabeth: Really? This is clearly about so much more than me running after Emily.
Nathan: I really have to get going, OK? I don't...
Elizabeth: Nathan. Do you want to know how I ended up in Union City with Lucas?
Nathan: How?
Elizabeth: He asked. Be safe.