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Elizabeth is passing out reading assignments. Huckleberry Finn for the older kids.

Allie invites a classmate for a sleepover.

Bill is checking out the competition. And Lucas' new chef uses smoked paprika, an ingredient he takes directly back to Clara who calls him out on it.

Rosemary isn't impressed with Clara and Jesse's hope to have the wedding by the pond or Clara's chowder, which has just a tad too much salt.

Nathan stops by to help Allie carry home her books, and Elizabeth tries to prepare him for the sleepover.

Carson is very supportive of Faith's job offer. He's in town having done some surgery. He also found a new camera.

Ned is not doing well with the goulash he had at the saloon. Florence is eavesdropping.

The redhead calls in just in time to get the scoop that Ned got sick eating at the saloon.

Elizabeth excitedly shares her newly found passion for writing with Lucas.

Rosemary helps Clara find the right dress, but nothing she sketches is what Clara had in mind.

Clara doesn't want a formal gown, but Rosemary wants to push it on her. She can be a little forceful.

Allie wants to serve something special for her sleepover, but she doesn't have anyone to help. Elizabeth offers to cook cupcakes that Allie and her friend can decorate.

Ned visits the doctor. He has a burning in his gut. She has a suspicion but suggests he try drinking some cabbage juice.

A man named Archie Grant speaks with Allie and Elizabeth. He's Nathan's father, but Nathan is anything but happy to see him.

He's been in prison and just got released. Nathan had written a letter to him about Colleen's death, and that mom has moved on.

Archie says he's quit gambling, but Nathan has heard it all before. He's tapped out.

Allie really wants to get to know her grandpa. She thinks she has the right to talk to him if she wants to.

Lucas is shocked to hear that Ned got sick at the saloon and even more shocked to hear everyone knows about it.

Lucas says he's trashed the rest of the goulash just in case, but Ned notes he also had breakfast at the cafe, so he doesn't know for sure what happened.

Nathan tells Allie that Archie hurt a lot of people and will disappoint her if they try to get close. He just wants her to have fun at her sleepover.

Elizabeth drops Jack with Rosemary so that she can deliver Allie's cupcakes.

It's so cute! When Elizabeth suggests it's so sad that Nathan and his dad are estranged, baby Jack seems to feel the displeasure!

Lucas wonders why the chef is playing cards. Because no one is ordering the food.

Leland gives Jesse marriage advice. It ends with "I can certainly see how that would upset you, sweetheart," as a way to understand when a woman really wants you to say something or when they just want you to listen.

Archie's head is turned when he spots the men gambling.

When the girls start to get messy with the food, Nathan begins to panic. Then she puts icing on Nathan's nose to get him more in the spirit of the evening.

Rosemary thinks the whole world is ignoring her. It's a good chance for Leland to use his listening skills.

Elizabeth is having a grand old time. Nathan thanks her. She saved his life tonight.

She takes a moment to talk with him about his father. She suggests that Allie is very confused. When he was her age, he remembers finding his mother in tears when his dad pawned a ruby broach to pay for a gambling debt.

He's been in prison multiple times. Petty theft is how he put food on the table. He doesn't know how to explain to Allie that if she lets him in, all he'll do is break her heart.

The same rumor about the saloon is now going on about the cafe. Carson is there, and Faith appears just in time to say that she told Ned not to worry. She believes its a gastric ulcer.

Ned wonders why it's called a sleepover when nobody actually sleeps.

Nathan is unhappy when he sees Lucas chatting with his father. When Lucas says Archie's father is as good as the next man's, Nathan suggests they're birds of a feather.

Bill is lingering outside the curtains at Carson's. He's worried about their reputation.

He says it's an ulcer as if Ned just learned that he was pregnant.

Faith took anatomy and physiology courses because she had a crazy dream about being a doctor.

Allie has come up with a list of reasons she should be allowed to talk with her grandpa.

Bill and Lucas commiserate about their Florence problem.

Allie takes her list to Nathan. She even uses Huck Finn as an example of prejudice.

Lucas and Nathan go directly to Florence to spread the word about the barbeque they're putting on for the town. In person, so she can tell everyone how wrong she was face to face.

Carson asks Faith if she's heard medical school is standardizing medical requirements to become a doctor. It will be harder to get into medical school now. He's trying to get her to see how much she wants to be a doctor and hopes his friend can get the clinic added to the extended program so that he can mentor her himself.

He wonders if it's still her dream to be a doctor. She supposes there's no harm in looking into it.

Lucas shares with Nathan that he knows whatever is between him and his dad is between them, but in his profession, he gets to see things. And he thinks Archie is struggling.

Rosemary has taken Leland's advice. She's not giving her advice only when asked. She gives good advice to Elizabeth about Nathan's instincts.

When Clara goes to Jesse with her wedding issues, she learns they're both getting advice from the wrong places. She really wants his help when she goes to him.

Allie is so excited to meet her grandpa and loves hearing a story about her mother. But at the same time, Nathan gets a call about his father.

Clara asks Rosemary to be her matron of honor, and it's the perfect cap to the misunderstandings between them.

At the same time, Jesse asks Leland to be his best man.

Nathan comes to haul away his father under suspicion of theft of a diamond necklace. Archie assures him he's got the wrong guy. Nathan wants to believe it, if only for Allie's sake.

When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

I don't need your money. I need my family.


Jesse: Clara wants to have our wedding down by the pond.
Rosemary: Jesse. Think carefully about that. It's so damp down there, and mucky. The things that could go wrong. What if it rains?
Jesse: Still, I kind of like the pond idea.
Clara: Me, too. I can't think of anything more perfect.
Jesse: The bride has spoken.