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Elizabeth wants to talk with Nathan about what happened at the ceremony. She wants to talk about Allie and accuses him of not paying attention to the guest list. She thinks he's hurtful when telling her that her name wasn't even on it. He says if that's what she thinks, then she doesn't know him at all. He rides away, and Elizabeth visits Lucas in his office.

She wants to tell him that she was the only one invited to the ceremony. But he gets a call that requires him to speak in French.

He hangs up the phone. He's trying to buy an anniversary gift for his parents. He invites her to dinner so that they can continue the conversation with his full attention. Ash she's leaving, she speaks French to him, and he smiles.

When chatting with Rosemary, Elizabeth admits that she thinks there is something that Nathan isn't telling her. Rosemary says she needs to get candid with him.

Rosemary still has no idea what she's going to do. She's even considering staying there until the store closes. Then she says she needs to find something that makes her as excited as her first day in the shop and the three exclamation points on her notes.

Robert shall deliver the mail while Ned convalesces.

Faith still wants Carson to take the fellowship. She says that in order to get him to go, she might have to move to Baltimore with him. Molly is shocked.

Bill chats with Lee again about how much trouble he's having letting go of his surge.

Christopher visits Rachel at the shop, and Rosemary wants to know what's up. Christopher says they were hoping she and Lee could show the two of them around town. Rosemary ushers him out of the shop.

Joseph is crating his own wrought iron lantern hooks. Minnie hopes that he'll join the family on a jaunt into town. He'd be thrilled.

Elizabeth rides up. Minnie asks after Jack and his accident, but it's hard for Elizabeth to talk about it.

Elizabeth didn't bring the brail book, but she'll work with Angela while the family is in town.

Mike tells Jesse it's time to go home.

Rachel saw Christopher steal the pocket watch. She never told anyone, and he finds that adorable. She kisses him right there in the store.

Bill asks Henry when Christopher came to town. He wants to know whether Christopher might have stolen the car. Nathan walks in as the conversation gets heated. Nathan thinks that prolonging returning his surge is making it more difficult for him.

Angela wants to read so that she doesn't feel so alone anymore.

Joseph is outside the filling station. He's upset that the for-sale sign is gone. Minnie says sometimes he's like having another child when he laments that he might not be asked to pastor the church anyway.

Free deliveries of discontentment are coming with all of Lee's orders today. Molly learns about Bill's plight, and she looks like she's got an idea to make him feel better.

Nathan was just about to talk to Allie about her ceremony when Florence interrupts. The prisoner escaped.

Elizabeth is in the street talking with the Canfields when Lucas appears. Elizabeth's heart is breaking over Allie's unhappiness, and they discuss friendship with Nathan.

Christopher bolts out of Henry's office. He needs help! Henry was having trouble breathing and got dizzy. Faith pulls Christopher aside with an explanation about Henry's blood pressure. Everyone is in the street. Christopher blames Lucas for hiring Henry when he knew all along Henry shouldn't be working.

Lucas leaves, upset, and Elizabeth later tells him that Henry will be fine. Lucas had no idea the seriousness of Henry's condition. Lucas knew Carson was worried, but Henry said it was nothing to be worried about.

Lucas begs out of dinner. Instead, she motions to the settee beside her. She could stay and they could talk for a while. He's so happy it makes me tear up.

They look at each other longingly, and she takes his hand. He leans in but asks her to go. He wants to be patient so that she's completely comfortable. He kisses her hand, and she gets up to leave.

At the door, she turns to say something, but reconsiders. Outside of his office, she picks up a menu and fans herself.

Henry has decided to get help from Carson. When Christopher was scared, he said, "Dad, what is it"? Henry explains that when he had his kerfuffle in the mercantile, it was after a letter to Christopher came back unopened. But today, when Christopher thought he might lose him, Henry learned that his son cares for him.

Rachel reads Christopher well. She knows that he's afraid of losing Henry. The only way to stop getting close to someone and not feeling pain is to keep your distance. But the solution is to take a chance. She equates it to stealing Uncle Lee's watch. She returns his handkerchief with her lipstick on it on purpose.

Rosemary gets a letter. Dottie isn't selling the dress shop. And nobody is thrilled, much to her chagrin.

Faith and Carson catch up and discover they're on entirely different pages. Given what has happened, this is where she can do the most good, but he thinks the infirmary will become antiquated.

Jesse apologizes to Mike.

When Lucas arrives at the well, Christopher is digging a trench, covered in dirt, resolute in how he's helping despite Lucas's suggestion that he visit with his father, instead.

Christopher is angry, and Nathan happens up to tell him that he's not giving up on Elizabeth.

Jesse visits Clara at the cafe, sending customers scattering. They decide to talk.

Allie has another invitation for Elizabeth. She talked with Uncle Nathan. And yes, she knows that Elizabeth is dating Lucas, but that doesn't stop her from giving an invitation to Elizabeth that is for dinner between her and Nathan.

Elizabeth tries to explain, but Allie angrily tears up the invitation and storms off.

Rachel is going to visit her mother. Christopher isn't there to see her off, and Lee found the pocket watch under his car seat.

Ned doesn't feel needed and doesn't like how Florence is helping. He feels like he can be replaced. That was never her intention.

Molly wants Bill to try on the surge before he returns it, for old time sake.

Christopher was too late, but he was on his way to see Rachel. He's covered in grime and disappointed.

Everyone is outside waiting for Bill's final walk through. Elizabeth pulls Nathan aside. Allie is afraid to talk to her without Nathan there. He wants to wait until the pomp and circumstance is over, but she persists.

Bill gets on his horse sand rears up for the perfect photo.

Elizabeth persists, and Nathan tells Elizabeth that he was supposed to lead the training mission, but he was disciplined for an earlier incident, and Jack took his place.

When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

Nathan: Look, Bill, I know you and Henry have had your issues in the past, but this cannot be guilt by association.
Bill: Yeah, I know.
Nathan: You know, someday when I'm asked to turn in my uniform, I might feel differently about what you're going through, but Bill, prolonging this process, it can't be helping.

The more things change, the more things stay the same. Unfortunately, for better or worse, lately, that's not how life's been feeling to me.