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Lucas offers tea to Elizabeth and says that he's asked for food to be available to everyone who's waiting. His mother took Elizabeth's advice, asking her husband to come back home.

When Lucas takes her hand, she pulls it away.

They may have waited too long with Ned, who is getting worse by the minute. Joseph wants to hold a prayer vigil.

Ned will need prayers; Carson needs to operate.

Jack is helping Nathan with the adoption papers, and Nathan asks Elizabeth to attend the proceedings.

Clara worries that she and Rachel cannot run the business without Rosemary, but Rosemary has faith.

Lucas asks Jospeph is he's a preacher, and he is, but he doesn't want to be treated differently, so he hopes to keep it a secret.

Jesse joins Joseph at the schoolhouse.

Henry and Christoper run in from the rain, and Henry hopes to catch dinner. Christopher turns him down. Henry seems thrilled to be a part of Christopher's life.

Rosemary, though, doesn't trust him.

Elizabeth wants to use Lucas' umbrella to check in on Florence, but she denies his offer to escort her.

Molly reveals the potential diagnosis of gallbladder removal. Elizabeth offers to call his niece.

Ned wakes momentarily and asks Florence to marry her, and she accepts.

Carson has his doubts about the operation, but Elizabeth appreciates his help.

When Elizabeth goes to the mercantile, Florence is running it all herself. Elizabeth offers help, but Florence is testy. She agrees to someone filling in for her, and Elizabeth spots Rosemary across the street.

Rosemary rises to the challenge, accepting it all very well. The lines at the mercantile show that not everybody knows everybody in Hope Valley. But they do recognize Rosemary's voice on the switchboard.

Henry doesn't wait for Christopher to have breakfast, upsetting Christopher.

Lucas and Elizabeth meet in the street, discussing Christopher, Henry, hand-holding, and moving at the right pace.

Clara is furious at herself rather than Jesse because she wants to care for him despite what he did for her.

Allie didn't put Elizabeth on her adoption list. She wants to know why Elizabeth likes Lucas. Nathan says Elizabeth is happy and isn't that what they want? She wants Elizabeth to care about them, not Lucas. Nathan assures her that Elizabeth does care for them.

Elizabeth and Minnie work with Angela, who is having some trouble learning brail despite her ear for music.

Ned isn't getting better. He needs more transfusions.

Florence arrives, wishing to stay with Ned against Faith's advice. Faith gives them a few minutes to themselves.

Florence sings to Ned.

Elizabeth shares what she knows about Jesse with Clara, who decides she'll ride out to the Canfields to see what's up.

Allie wants a more personal ceremony for her adoption rather than what the judge wrote for her. She wants him to say he'll never leave her. He promises that's what he'll do and say.

Christopher tells Henry that his stepfather Jerry thinks Henry is dishonest. Henry has no intention of keeping Christopher around if he's not interested in being there, but Christopher says he wants to learn from his father.

Lucas welcomes Christopher to the business, and Christopher says he hears there is a lot of money being made in oil. Not so far, Lucas says. Christopher wishes he had a bigger room, and Lucas walks away without saying anything.

Lee is waiting for Rosemary to take a break, but she's enjoying her job too much. She asks Lee to donate blood again to pass the time.

Lee lost his pocket watch and checks in with Bill to see if anybody turned it in. While Bill rifles through the lost and found, Lee looks at Bill's surge excitedly. He wants to try it on. Bill laments that the surge and stripes that he earned aren't easy to give up. They even want his horse to return the blanket.

Lee is so excited when Bill lets him try on the jacket.

They need to operate on Ned again.

Clara agrees to sit with Joseph on the swing he built with Jesse. Since he's gotten to know Jesse, she's hoping for advice. Joseph says it plainly -- ask Jesse to come home. There's no way for anyone to repair their marriage while they're living apart.

Lucas is telling a joke that neither Lee nor Bill understand, let alone think is funny.

Lucas will keep an eye out for Lee's pocket watch. He goes directly to Christopher's room to ask what he knows.

He's met with disdain and smart aleky retorts. Lucas promises that if he discovers Christopher is picking pockets, he'll be on the first stage out of town no matter who he is. When Lucas leaves the room, Christopher pulls out Lee's watch.

Minnie wants Jospeh to be Hope Valley's preacher, but he wants to make something of himself. In whose eyes, she wonders.

Nathan rides up on Elizabeth sitting outside of the clinic and joins her with a blanket to keep her warm.

They chat, ending with Nathan saying he's never lost someone so close to him that he was ripped apart. He can't understand why Allie's father left her when adopting her is the single best thing he's ever done in his life even if Allie thinks she won't feel any different afterward.

A stolen car was found outside of town. Elizabeth is holding Allie's invite to her ceremony celebration.

Lucas happens up right afterward, as usual. Lucas wants to take Elizabeth on a drive. He has a gift for Nathan and Allie.

She's touched and decides to begin dating publicly.

Jesse and Clara continue arguing, this time over skirt length.

Christopher has flowers for Rachel.

Mike has an idea for Henry, but he's interrupted by Christopher. Instead of telling Henry, he decides against it when Henry asks him to teach Christopher everything he knows.

Florence is beside Ned's bed when he wakes. He looks embarrassed. Did he ask her to marry him when high with fever? And did she say yes? it's a scary moment, but he's thrilled.

Allie didn't give invitations to anyone but Allie, making everyone very uncomfortable.

When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

Nathan: Allie and I are making the adoption official the day after tomorrow in Bill's office. I know she would really like to have you there. I'd appreciate it if you would consider attending.
Elizabeth: Nathan, it would be my honor.

Lucas: You really are quite remarkable, and I hope you know how happy I am to have you in my life. [he takes her hand, and she pulls it away.
Elizabeth: I'm sorry.