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Elizabeth writes in her journal that she's unexpectedly worried due to Helen Bouchard's arrival.

Little Jack is looking at his daddy's picture.

Helen's very tired from her journey, not up for socializing with Lucas or visiting with Elizabeth.

Lee and Elizabeth get a crate from South America, and while unloading it, Lee hurts his back.

Allie and Opal are accompanying Robert on his rounds when Elizabeth sees them. Just then, Nathan rides up to make sure everything is under control.

Nathan asks after Elizabeth's health after ending their date the other night and offers that the four of them try it again.

Joseph, a new man in town who helped with the delivery, offers to pray for Lee, throwing Rosemary.

Fiona puts her former boss's name on her business to prove to Nichols that she can be a big wheel, too.

None of the men want to trust Fiona with their hair.

Joseph has car troubles. Taking a gas can from the back, he sets off down the road.

Carson and Faith diagnose Lee, talking about chiropractics and manipulation, worrying Rosemary until she hears it's big in Chicago, a place she adores.

Bill warns Nathan against adoption because of the notices it will require, which could kick up dust.

Nathan inquires about a parcel of land that Bill owns.

Lucas asks Elizabeth to stop by and visit Helen because he thinks she's easy to talk to. She's intimidated, to begin with, but even more so after Lucas says, Helen's bark is worse than her bite.

Elizabeth is taking a basket of muffins to Helen, which Rosemary says is the way to an editor's heart.

Helen eye's throw daggers across the room at the invitation for a muffin.

Elizabeth opens her heart to Helen about her writing, and Helen toys with her emotions. Elizabeth doesn't take it that way, but Helen's eyes are dancing now.

Lucas and Henry meet outside the saloon. Henry wants him to reconsider their partnership. Lucas admits he likes Henry, but he's not willing to play ball. But Henry is willing to get his hands dirty, and he intends to double production for a 60% majority share in the business.

Joseph asks for help with his gas, and Jesse interrupts, offering to help Jesse.

Mike lost a bet with Jesse, becoming Fiona's first customer.

Helen is watching Elizabeth through the window as Elizabeth chats with the kids. She's going to like her, she tells Lucas.

Mike jukes in the barber chair, and his ear gets knicked with the scissors. He runs straight to Carson's.

Helen begins to put together the pieces of the love triangle afoot in Hope Valley.

Nathan, with a sly smile on his face, tells Elizabeth it's time they settle down. And at that, Elizabeth suggests they get together when he returns.

Elizabeth takes off after Robert, who cannot ride a horse. That seems rather unlikely given the time, but OK.

Elizabeth catches Robert and takes him back to town.

Lee is in pain.

Elizabeth is not feeling very brave going to see Helen. Rosemary says to stay strong, and Elizabeth says she'll be like Robert and just hang on.

Rosemary loves the sound of Little Jack's laughter.

Joseph Canfield is considering purchasing the gas station. He also finds the little church quite appealing, and when Jack says they don't have a pastor, I wonder if he might be a pastor.

Joseph considers purchasing Henry's cabin for his family, wife Minnie, and his two children.

It's a deal.

Helen and Elizabeth run into the kids while strolling through town. Helen is very impressed with Elizabeth, with her writing, and herself. She's so struck with Elizabeth's person that she reveals that she's in Hope Valley because her husband left her.

When Elizabeth offers to talk, Helen says there's no point since it won't change anything.

Just after reveling in Elizabeth's honesty, Helen asks Elizabeth to keep her secret. Lucas asks for the three of them to get dinner, but Elizabeth cannot.

When she learns that Rosemary and Lee have had Jack all day, she asks for Lucas's help with something instead.

Elizabeth has asked for help taking a night in the islands to her favorite neighbors.

Henry checks his mail to find an opened, returned letter. He accuses Ned, which upsets him and Florence. Florence and Molly have dinner, and Molly cannot stop staring at Bill having dinner with Helen.

Helen reads the moment right and introduces herself as Lucas' mother, leaving Bill shocked as he wasn't aware that he had a fan.

Mike allows Fiona to continue his haircut.

Clara and Faith drag their men to Fiona's too.

Elizabeth worries that Lucas might be like his father since he's nothing like his mother.

Lee got 250 pounds of coffee from South America.

Molly plays coy with Bill, and it is exactly what he needs to become interested in her.

Henry is angrily laying into Ned, and when he leaves, he collapses. His blood pressure is dangerously high, Carson says. Henry doesn't seem to care if he dies.

Elizabeth is sitting by the pond when Nathan rides by. He's thrilled, and it's pretty clear that Elizabeth needs to talk.

Elizabeth tells Nathan that she cannot move forward with him for her fear that he would die tragically, just like Jack. He promises to quit the Mounties, but she rides off highly upset.


When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

Henry: Look, the oil business is a relentless, cutthroat thing. You know that by now. I'm willing to get my hands dirty.
Lucas: Meaning?
Henry: Meaning whatever you want it to mean. But I think you understand. So, here's my proposal. I will double your crude output in the next year. or I will walk away.
Lucas: And what happens if you do double production?
Henry: Then I become majority owner at 60%, and you let me handle it how I like.

Nathan: Allie has finally hit that age.
Elizabeth: When it comes to boys?
Nathan: Yeah. I may need your advice.
Elizabeth: [laughs] I'm sure you'll do just fine.