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Ned has cold feet. It's worse since Florence's son has reservations. Carson and Bill are on hand to blow things out of proportion. Soon, the entire population of the town's men is all in on it, and while Florence is getting her hair done, they determine that he's calling off the wedding.

Florence, meanwhile, wants the best hairstyle to show Ned how she feels. She's always felt like an ugly duckling, and today, she wants to feel brave enough to see herself differently.

Elizabeth and Fiona assure Florence she'll be a beautiful swan today, as they believe she is every day.

Elizabeth visits Rosemary to apologize. She hasn't been herself, especially when it comes to their friendship. But they don't make up as much as come to a truce so that they don't spoil the wedding.

Ned wants to speak with Florence, but Molly won't let him until the wedding.

Allie tries to make Robert jealous by saying Paul and her have been talking a lot. Paul wants to help Robert on his rounds.

Ned tells Henry that he feels backed into a corner, and everyone keeps telling him he has to get married. When Henry says he has a good heart and should get married when he feels comfortable, Ned asks him to be his best man. Henry has always treated him well, and he'd like him in his corner.

Faith and Carson walk in their spot, and Carson assures her that they'll get through this, but Faith isn't so sure.

Lee shares with Joseph that he feels like a fraud with his faith. But he has an idea to get the bell into the tower, and he's running a business proposition by Joseph, too.

A man is looking for a haircut but gets turned away. As he's driving away, Jesse runs after him. That was the man who stole their savings.

Clara cannot believe that Minnie has never baked a wedding cake. Oh no!

Ned's daughter, Katie, is a stern sourpuss who doesn't want her dad getting married. She flat out ignored Elizabeth when she rushed over to say hello.

Ned's on his own at the store.

Molly wonders where everyone is and why the saloon isn't being decorated.

Elizabeth wonders if Lucas just showed Katie upstairs, and he says that he finds it hard to believe that's the little girl who wanted to grow up to be just like Elizabeth.

Rosemary wonders if Elizabeth could stop by Dottie's to help Florence. Sure, but she has to help Ned first. They're so icy. Nathan is disappointed that Allie left her perch and that Ned was in the lurch.

Molly wants Florence to wear the dress she used to impress Bill Avery. They're all robbing Peter to pay Paul to get everything done for the wedding.

Clara's super impressed with Minnie's cakes.

Carson arrives to help Minnie.

Mike visits Fiona, worried that if they're sitting together, tongues might wag. She's not interested in her, and he says he thinks of her as a confidante.

Ned tells Florence she has cold feet. They have a lovely conversation and finally share their first kiss.

Elizabeth wonders why Katie has issues with the wedding. She's already started the process of returning to Hope Valley to take care of him. She says that seeing her father so stricken with grief after her mother died makes her want to protect him and never allow him to get hurt again. Surely, of all people, Elizabeth will understand.

Elizabeth tells Katie that without risk, there is no joy.

Minnie tells Carson always to remember why he's working so hard and not forget the best part of life.

Elizabeth gives Ned the scoop on Katie. He's been thinking of that potential grief, too. But Elizabeth learned that life is brief and unexpected, and you always have to ask yourself, what will I do with today?

Everyone's worried that Katie might not come to the wedding.

The girls start getting dressed at the dress shop.

Clara and Rosemary sewed the dress to their own dresses.

Elizabeth is wearing a beekeeper's hat to get to the service without being seen first. She looks so pretty.

Before the service, Florence would like a minute alone with Molly. She cannot believe that Molly gave up her dress and appreciates how she always wants the best for her, even at her expense. Their conversation is heartwarming, and it ends with Florence presenting Molly with the purple dress she loves so much.

Ned has no idea what Molly sees in him, and the two of them have a discussion revealing that Henry and Abigail write to each other often.

Elizabeth and Lucas are at the wedding, wondering if something is wrong when Nathan and Allie walk in. Allie needs her hair fixed by Fiona, who notices her hair in a drooper loop. Knowing that she's going fishing gets Allie's mind spinning.

Jesse and Clara are talking with Nathan about the fellow who stole their finances.

Katie comes to the wedding, and Lucas and Elizabeth give her the bouquet to join the wedding party.

Bill and Joseph both officiate the wedding, and only Florence and Ned's closest and dearest friends were invited.

Ned's real name is Edmund.

Elizabeth fingers her ring and looks at Lucas during the wedding, while Lucas looks at her hand to hold.

The church bell rings for the first time for Florence and Ned.

Katie is worried that if she leaves for Hamilton, Ned might stop needing her, but Elizabeth assures her that's not the case.

Robert compliments Allie's hair, and she's thrilled.

Carson and Faith talk about what Joseph said about not being selfish in a relationship. He wants to stay, and she says he's sacrificing his life by staying.

Everyone begins dancing.

Bill compliments Molly and thanks her for letting out his surge.

Rosemary thinks something is up in town, but she doesn't know what it is.

Ned got his mother's ring for Florence. It's a beautiful emerald surrounded by diamonds.

Fiona asks Mike to dance.

Mike and Fiona talk about a pipeline he wants to build, and she would be happy to consider being a partner.

Lucas and Nathan talk. Lucas worries that Allie would be caught in the middle of them, and he asks her to stop pressuring Elizabeth.

Elizabeth watches Nathan leave with a sad look on her face. Rosemary watches. Then Elizabeth asks Nathan to step outside with her.

She tells him she doesn't blame him for Jack's death, and Lucas sees it from the window, spinning on his heels.

When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 10 Quotes

Ned, if you wouldn't think it too forward of me, may I ask that we share our first kiss here, in private?


Florence: What is it, Ned?
Ned: I have cold feet.
Florence: Then I'll just have to knit you thicker socks.
Ned: You always think the best of me.
Florence: Why wouldn't I? But, even if you had cold feet about us getting married and you simply couldn't go through with it, I will still think the best of you, and I will forever love you.
Ned: Thicker socks will be perfect.