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Nathan tries to saddle Newton, but he has trouble. With a little patience, he gets the saddle on and takes Newton on a walk, only to find a traffic jam in the square, troubling Newton.

Everyone is bothered by the commotion and noise, and Henry leaves his car in the road and walks to work.

Elizabeth tells Rosemary about her concerns for Lucas's involvement with Walden.

She tries to talk to Lucas about it, but she can't get anything out of him.

Ned is worried because they're missing a case of cling peaches.

Molly drops by, and something she says inspires Florence.

Mike visits May for a styptic pencil, and he compliments Faith's hair. Faith then asks about May and Jeffrey. Things were never going to work out.

As Nathan, Bill, and Lee talk about traffic woes they can do nothing about since Mike is mayor, Bill reminds Lee that he and Rosemary do run the paper.

Bill talks with Nathan about Newton and doesn't want Nathan riding him.

Elizabeth and Rosemary discuss plans for the Village Voice to go to three editions a week when a ruckus breaks out at the soda fountain with Robert, Allie, and a soda fountain.

Henry tells Lucas that his prospects for the future in the business have changed. He finally tells Lucas how he feels about Jerome being the same man he once was, and Lucas dismisses him with talk of closing a deal.

Lucas pushes back, but what Henry discovered was that after the other disaster, the mine leadership was never allowed to open another mine. He believes they will try under the new business.

Nathan and Elizabeth talk to Allie about Robert. Once Allie responds to her behavior, the two laugh at her girlish behavior before calling in Robert for a similar chat.

Mike visits the clinic to ask Faith to have dinner. He says she's clinical and dispassionate to assess situations to make the best decisions possible and he could use her advice.

Lucas, Fiona, and Henry go to Bill for advice. He says the ruling is ambiguous, but he agrees that they should all be concerned about the possibility that the mines could open again.

Fiona wants to just scuttle the deal, but you cannot do that once money has changed hands. Until they know what is going on, Bill demands no talk of this outside of the office to keep the news from families and friends who lost loved ones in the disaster.

A handful of men are building something right outside of the Village Voice office with Lee's wood, and when he confronts them, it gets physical.

Apparently, the guys are building a billboard advertising jobs for the Foundry.

Nathan asks May what brought her to Hope Valley. She said it was time to see the world, and Nathan questions settling here.

When Faith and Mike visit the saloon, Rosemary and Lee are all aflutter, but it's not because of them. It's because Lee's excited about his editorial.

Joseph decides not to speak to Lee about partnering or a raise because he thinks Lee has his hands full right now. Lee's behavior reminds Joseph of his own when he started preaching. Lee's on a mission to save Hope Valley.

They decide that Minnie will speak with Bill about buying into the cafe. The place is hopping as residents gather everywhere to discuss Lee's editorial in the paper. Lee wants to run extra copies of the edition, but Rosemary says no, they've done enough.

She's also concerned that the paper could be making the situation worse. She says that Hope Valley's problems cannot be placed on Mike's shoulders alone. He disagrees, but he calls and cancels the second run.

Ned is pleased that he found the peaches.

Lucas remembers the good old days when people only complained about the noise from the saloon.

Henry visits with Fiona. He didn't go to start something, but he just wants to help her understand how everything works. He thinks she was dropped into the middle of the mess and proposes that they start over.

Bill would like some ice cream, and May tells her his concerns about Nathan's confidence about riding. He wonders if she's spoken to Nathan about her husband because people who get upset over the truth might be living a lie.

Allie visits Elizabeth. She doesn't think she fits in anymore after being gone for a few months. She's growing up, and others feel childish. Some people work. And she's concerned that Robert took Angela on a bike ride.

Elizabeth tells Allie to stop trying so hard to fit in and just be herself. Be where she feels comfortable.

Nathan storms into the pharmacy. He's angry May spoke to Bill. He never gave her permission, and he's fine.

Fiona is heading back to San Francisco again with a note for Jerome.

Mike hangs a sign on his new office door and promptly locks himself out. Bill sees that Mike is an only family, so he takes Mike out on a walk to show support for Mike's mayorship. He once took over for Abigail and felt the same deficit. Perception is everything, so he just keeps on waving, and waves especially long for Faith.

Nathan asks Elizabeth to teach him to drive. It's time.

Elizabeth asks Joseph to build her a book wagon so that she can drive into the mountains and take books to the people who need them the most.

When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 6 Quotes

Nathan: When we got back from Rock Creek, we talked about you and Robert.
Allie: And I was being his friend just like you suggested. But, my inner beauty must have come out because next thing I knew, he was squirting me with seltzer.
Nathan: Your inner beauty.
Allie: Miss Sue and Dr. Carter said that real beauty comes from the inside.
Elizabeth: I agree with that, and although you are never responsible for Robert's or any other boy's behavior. It seems as though you were an active participant. So, is there anything you could have done to help?
Allie: Not thrown that scoop of ice cream? [breaks out in a huge grin] But what a shot! I got him right in the puss! Grandpa taught me that word.

Bill: I wanted to talk about Newton. You had to notice how skittish he behaved around all of those cars.
Nathan: Well, he's coming around.
Bill: I don't want you riding that horse unless I sign off on it.
Nathan: Are you pulling rank?
Bill: If Newton falters in the line of duty, it's dangerous for you and anyone else around you, so yes, pulling rank.