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Elizabeth's novel has arrived. She's anxious about what people might see in her after reading and what they might see in themselves.

She's doing a signing, and Nathan wants his inscribed "to the one that got away." Lucas thinks it's a pretty good inscription.

Faith doesn't think that Nathan should be riding horseback this soon even if he wants to see Allie.

Walden, the man with the hat who wants to change the town, visits with Bill, threatening that one way or another, they will be doing business. Bill disagrees.

Joseph misses Cooper, and Minnie has advice for him to get closer to his son.

Nathan discovers that getting reacquainted with Newton won't be as easy as he had hoped. Newton doesn't seem to trust anyone but May.

The students are reading Elizabeth's book and passing it around like a hot potato when she arrives.

Elizabeth picks it up and reads one of her favorite parts. It's about her students.

May tells Nathan that patience is part of her trick to gain Newton's trust. He was not patient as he lunged at the horse earlier, and he doesn't have the patience to even wait to hear about May's views, walking out the door.

Rosemary discovers that Lee has a forceful flair unique to the area. But his spelling leaves a lot to be desired. She wants him to tone it down a little. She cannot publish his first piece, and knowing how hard he worked on it makes her feel bad about dropping the news.

Henry doesn't want to have a physical with Faith.

Molly is fascinated with trying to match townsfolk with Elizabeth's characters.

Lucas is planning a surprise dinner for Elizabeth, and Gustav seems bored at the prospect.

Henry appreciates how Lucas is pushing for Jerome to keepon Henry.

Lucas and Henry don't think any good will come from Mike talking with Walden.

Rosemary decides to publish Lee's article, especially after seeing some of the awful reviews Elizabeth is getting for her book.

Elizabeth was just trying to tell a story, she says.

Nathan feels like the accident might have been his fault, and maybe that's why Newton doesn't trust him. May thinks he should consider his spotty memory on the issue a gift. At least he doesn't have to relive the accident.

They decide to go for a frosty drink.

Henry admits that he doesn't feel comfortable with a woman examining him.

Joseph and Cooper were replacing the window at the paper, and Joseph put it in backward so they can visit again the next day.

Lucas finds Elizabeth overlooking the street, brooding. Not only were the reviews poor, but they spoke poorly of her. She's very upset. Lucas says that her vulnerability is what makes her a great writer.

Lucas also delivers a letter from his mother, containing her editing pencil, equating it to Excalibur.

Lucas tries to get Elizabeth to the dinner. She just wants to stay up there looking at the stars. She doesn't feel much like socializing.

Bill talks to Mike about Walden. Mike isn't pleased about working with Walden, but he's the mayor, and he has to work with him nonetheless.

Lucas keeps trying to pull Elizabeth away from the night sky, and he's having no success.

May is a little shocked to hear that Nathan courted Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is thinking about the little things, and Lucas finally has to come clean. She's touched and promises to act surprised.

Elizabeth acts a little too surprised.

Ned and Florence wonder if Nathan has read the book, and Florence wants him to protect his recently broken heart.

Elizabeth wrote the book as a love letter to her son and Rosemary and the whole town who were so welcoming and comforting to her. She cannot believe it's been almost ten years since she arrived.

Joseph finally asks Cooper what has been bothering him. He doesn't understand why Angela is blind. Why her and not him?

Juliet is based on Elizabeth's sister, not Molly.

Lucas offers himself to Walden as a business partner.

Nathan wants to work with May and Newton, but she wants to work with Newton alone. His face falls.

Rosemary has a letter from a widowed mother outside of Jameson. She's so excited about sharing it with Elizabeth because it's far better than any review she could ever get.

Rosemary is in awe of Elizabeth's ability to comfort others through her writing. It's a gift.

Joseph couldn't tell Connor the truth about Angela, that they were denied treatment by a bigoted doctor. If they had been in Hope Valley, the results could have been so different.

They're so pleased with their move to Hope Valley, but they wish it had been sooner.

Elizabeth walks in on Lucas speaking French. He can help whoever is on the other line stop Walden, but he cannot do it alone!

When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 3 Quotes

Lee: You want to publish my article. Well, what changed your mind?
Rosemary: Well, like it or not, the world has become more unvarnished when it comes to what people say. And, well, here are a few examples by way of Elizabeth's book.
Lee: Oh, dear.

Lucas: If Gustav weren't my cousin.
Henry: Gustav is your cousin?
Lucas: Why do you think he's still here?