A Dangerous Prisoner - Whiskey Cavalier
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Ray informs Will and Frankie that they have a mission transporting a prisoner. They later discover the prisoner is Will's former boss Alex Ollerman. 

While transporting him with Standish, they are under attack by people trying to free him. They bring him to the Hive but keep quiet about who they have, and it's busy while the team and all have their Christmas party. 

Frankie and Will try to break Ollerman and learn more about who he is working for, but he gets into everyone's heads instead planting seeds of distrust amongs them based on how they felt about each other when they first started working together. 

Susan is supposed to help them out next, but she disappears. They realize that Ollerman has a mole in the office working for him who took Susan. He won't release her until he's free. Ray finds out that Ollerman is in there and tries to attack him. 

They use Ollerman's impression of them against him to have it seem as though Frankie will betray her time (because Will thought she was potentially disloyal when he met her). She shoots him in the leg to get her point across to Ray and then shoots him again in the torso. 

Ollerman is free but he pulls his gun on Frankie knowing she was playing him. Will chooses Frankies life to let Ollerman escape. Someone drives him away. 

Will took the microchip with informatin about The Trust which is the organization Ollerman is working for. 

Jai and Ray join forces to rescue Susan. Will thanks Ray later, and Ray feels like he has his friend back. 

Standish is insecure about Tina going on a mission where she has to seduce someone. She returns and reassures him, and he tells her he has to work on his insecurity. 


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