Leader of the Team - Whiskey Cavalier
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The team has a mission involving a black market organ harvesting operation. Standish goes undercover as rich man in need of a heart, and Frankie and Susan are his hencwomen. 

At the meeting, bullets start flying, so Will has to pretend as though he were making an attempt on Standish's alter's life. Will is captured by the primary man's henchman and thrown into a trunk.

The others try to track down where Will is. He is able to use the hazard lights flashing to alert them to which car he is in, and Jai drives like a madman to track the car down, but they pull off a switcheroo on him and Will is gone. 

Will is able to give them little clues through the comms. He's taken to a hospital where they are holding tons of others. 

Will is tortured by the kingpin of the operation, and the comms is found in his ear and smashed. He's electroshocked as torture. 

Will knows that Jai  probably bugged him, and Jai is able to access the bug he put in Will's jeans. Will tells them information about where he is and tries to use the moments to bond with Jai which is something he had been pestering Jai about for awhile. 

Frankie has to step up as team leader but has doubts, but Susan is able to coach her through leading them and especially supporting Standish. Standish poses as the guy in need of Will's heart, so prep Will for surgery and give him a paraletic. He uses as much energy as he can to find and inject himself with adrenaline and he and the doctor are at a standoff. 

Frankie tracks him down and takes everyone out, and when the kingpin tries to escape, Standish catches the grenade he's about to throw after beating someone up and thus making Frankie proud. 

No one really celebrates with Will as he wants when he returns to their hideout. 

Jai hacks into Will's home devices and pesters him by sharing all the information about himself to get him back for before. 

Whiskey Cavalier
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Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Will: That stun gas of yours.. does it do any permanent damage?
Jai: Can you taste everything?
Will: No.
Jai: You should be fine.

I grew up in this really small town in India called none of your damn business!